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Health Canada Scientists are Dummies according to Roger Gordon et al. Government Conspiracies abound.


I found it hard to believe when I saw and heard it. But, yes, on Compass the other night, Rob Gallant, owner-operator of Atlantic Graduate lawn spraying company, stated that he was unaware of any of the chemicals that he uses being linked to cancer. I thought I'd take the opportunity to enlighten him.

The three most common pesticides used on P.E.I. lawns are mecocrop and mcpa (herbicides) and carbaryl (sevin), an insecticide. Mr. Gallant could begin his foray into the primary literature by taking a look at: McDuffie, H. H. et al. 2001. Cancer Epid. Biomarkers. Prev. 10: 1155-1163 and Zheng, T. 2001. J. occup. environ. med. 43: 641-9.

He could then take a look at two excellent reviews on these three chemicals: Cox, C. 2004. J. Pesticide Reform. 24: 10-15; Cox, C. 2005. J. Pesticide Reform. 25: 10-16. Then, if he were still not convinced, he could read one or two excellent meta-analyses, articles in which eminent scientists analyse innumerable research studies and subject them to robust statistics. Two good ones are:  Bassil, K. et al. 2007. Can. Fam. Physician 53: 1704-11 and Roberts, J. R. et al. 2012. Pediatrics. 130: `1765 – 88. Granted, the last two articles deal with all categories of pesticides, but they include the ones that Mr. Gallant uses. The two forms of cancer that most frequently show up are Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Childhood Leukemia. [Wow,  wonder if Health Canada has seen these studies?  Especially the highly popular [Eminent Scientists LOL!] Ontario College of Family Physicians one, Bassil.K et al.]

One of the pesticides that Mr. Gallant and others use, Carbaryl, is such a health risk that countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Germany, and Sweden have banned it. I suggest to Mr. Gallant that, instead of trying to defend the indefensible, he would be better off moving with the times, taking note of Public Opinion and, oh yes, reading the science. [Did you know that Carbaryl is being used in Boise Idaho to Eradicate the Japanese Beetle from Residential Lawns.  Carbaryl is only being used if the homeowners edible plants are being damaged, otherwise they are using the more toxic stuff. See Here]  

NO JOKE! This guy is out to lunch… Roger Gordon knows something that all of Boise Idaho does not know.  Links to Cancer causing Pesticides.  Imagine the Cancer Cluster in Boise compared to PEI. Idaho 2013 Cancer Rates Here 

[There are may Carbaryl uses in Canada (Wilsons makes products for rose bushes and pet flea/tick powder) – List of 41 Health Canada Approved Products  

Speaking about taking note : Here is Public Opinion on a 2014 Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in Stratford PEI (Roger Gordons Home Town)

StratfordPEI Pesticide Ban Survey Results

As for our provincial government, the fact that they are allowing all this to happen is shocking. A modest request that was made to them to impose a no spray buffer zone around playgrounds and other public areas has still not been acted upon. The poet Thomas Gray once said: " Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."  I disagree. [According to Health Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency, these products that Atlantic Graduate Lawn Spraying relies upon to conduct business, are perfectly safe.  Unless you believe the Government is Conspiring against you.  Shocking isn’t it!]

Roger Gordon


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