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Re-sodding of Old Worn Out, Grub Infested Lawns is our Specialty.

Heritage Lawn Care

A Provincially Licensed Pesticide Exterminator and Operator

We’re different from other lawn care services in that we provide realistic expectations for the homeowner as to what to expect, based on the overall condition of their lawn, plus the amount of time and money they want to spend on it.

With the Provincial Pesticide Ban and an out of control grub infestation across the City, we provide honest approaches to each situation. We attempt to provide the homeowner with answers as to what the results will be from investing in their lawn and what the results will be if they do not.  Telling the homeowner they are not going to have any weeds or grubs and that they will end up with the greenest, most manicured lawn on the street is not realistic and is not our approach.   We have many satisfied customers who appreciate our honesty and are happy with the results they receive.

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