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RCMP Investigating After Bees Poisoned

Brandon, Man. – There is an investigation currently being launched to determine why hundreds of bees at several locations have been deliberately poisoned. RCMP to do a complete investigation. It must be determined if pesticides have caused this poisoning of the bees in the area. There is not solid evidence, at this time, that will offer clear proof about the reasons for the bees poisoned. The investigation will lead officials to the solid proof of this case.

“We came to the first yard and there were just piles of dead bees all over on the ground, we had been going there to pick up honey, but the honey boxes were completely empty except for more dead bees”, said Jason Loewen, operator of the Steinbach-based Loewen Honey Farms. The whole area, which is nearly 30 feet wide and 60 feet long, was covered with bees and in front of the hives the bees were lying dead in layers that were an inch to two thick.
This is one sting that the beekeepers across province would like solved. The deliberate poisoning of honey bees in several locations will be determined. There must be someone to be held accountable for this serious matter.

There is a request that if anyone has information on, or if they may have seen anything regarding the Beehives Near Brandon being poisoned, they are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

This investigation was launched in Brandon, Man. after a report that there were hundreds of honey bees poisoned. There is a hunt to determine what could have caused honey-producing bees to be poisoned in the area.

Bees Poisoned In Manitoba, RCMP To Invistigate | eCanadaNow.