Banning Lawn Pesticides for Safety Reasons? | PEI MisInformed | Cornwall votes for power to ban pesticides – News – MSN CA

Cornwall council narrowly passed a resolution this week asking the P.E.I. government to give it the power to ban cosmetic pesticides in the town.

Cornwall joins Charlottetown and Stratford in lobbying the government to amend the Charlottetown Area Municipalities Act to allow them the authority to regulate cosmetic pesticides. The resolution was put forward by deputy mayor, and mayoral candidate Corey Frizzell. He says if he is elected he will bring another resolution to council calling for a ban.

"My idea would be to have a ban of cosmetic pesticides in the town," said Frizzell.

"Cosmetic pesticides are things that are sprayed on our yards, on our lawns. So it's not the stuff that's sprayed in the house, you know, it's for the weeds, it's for the bugs, that kind of thing. I think it's the right, progressive step for Cornwall to make it a safer municipality."

The motion passed 3-2. The other two mayoral candidates in Cornwall, Minerva McCourt and Marlene Hunt, also voted in favour of the motion

Cornwall votes for power to ban pesticides – News – MSN CA.