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Is this Hypocricy?

A bit about Our current Minister:

Reverend Stephen Jenvey began his pastoral ministry with West Flamboro Presbyterian in September 2007. Born in B.C., Steve previously worked as a Silviculture Forester in Prince George B.C. In 2005 Steve began seminary in Montreal, where he graduated in 2007.

Aug 07, 2014  |

Ban neonic insecticides until proven safe

Honey bee die-off figure is skewed (Opinion, Aug. 5)

I take issue with the article about neonic insecticides. While the writer makes a good point regarding the stresses on honeybee populations, he uses the same old approach that has consistently been used when a chemical substance appears to be environmentally dangerous: "Prove this is so."

Should it not be the other way? That is, "Prove it is safe." One can only review the myriad of approved chemicals that were once used for various purposes and ultimately proved to be highly toxic and delisted for use. But until the proof arrived, their use continued to be condoned until "Proven dangerous." Environmental degradation was the result.

Europe has placed a two-year moratorium on neonic insecticides. Already this insecticide has clearly been documented in many honeybee deaths. Scientists who make their living investigating the effects of chemicals in our environment are comparing neonic insecticides with DDT. New investigations are implicating the use of this insecticide in bird deaths. So it's not a time to be cavalier about honeybee deaths, which are only the tip of the environmental iceberg. There are many other beneficial insects and animals that also could be affected by use of this pesticide. What about the loss of these?

Additionally, there is another huge issue at stake that so often is forgotten in this debate over neonic insecticides and bee decline: the soil itself. The soil is a living community of millions of organisms, which make up a web of life below the surface and contribute to soil health and fertility. How long can we continue to introduce toxic substances into the layer of soil that feeds our world without negative consequences? It is time to exercise great caution, not carelessness. We need a moratorium on neonic insecticides until "Proven Safe."

Stephen Jenvey, Dundas

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