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June 16, 2014

Community College Board of Alfred.

ALFRED (Ontario) – The Community Council of Alfred College congratulates all parties and candidates in the provincial election on June 12 for their commitment and service to the community. Everyone had said sounds essential support for the future of Alfred College as a center for training in agriculture and food industry as a lever for economic development in Prescott-Russell and the Ontario Francophonie. President of the Community Council, Tom Manley, was "very encouraged for the future of Alfred College. Now it's time to sit at the table for the implementation of new structures Alfred College. Given the continuity of government, we ask the facilitator to convene the committee implemented as quickly as possible. There is no time to lose, because it is in September 2014 we must begin recruitment for the 2015 return. " Community Council has been busy during the electoral period. Mr. Manley, "We consulted stakeholders in the food environment, the College staff and community leaders. We offer a winning structure, feasible and effective to ensure the long-term development of the Collège d'Alfred. This structure will manage the Alfred College and by the Franco-Ontarian and facilitate discussions and agreements peer-to-peer between Alfred College and its external partners. " The Community Council has presented the proposal publicly for the first time the Council of the Elect of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell on Wednesday, 11 June. With the support in principle of all mayors present, the case was assigned to the Economic Development Committee to discuss the future of Alfred College business plan. 's proposal Community Council, summarized here in the presentation of 11 June includes the creation of Alfred College – French food and Rural Ontario Institute. It would not be an accredited community college, since francophone Ontario already has two. It would be an independent institute with local and autonomous management, with its staff, programs and infrastructure. proposal relies on examples of the Université de Hearst, which is affiliated with Laurentian University, " St. Lawrence River Institute "which is affiliated with St. Lawrence College and the University Center for Appalachian is affiliated with the Université Laval and the Université du Québec à Rimouski. Relying on these examples, the Community Council readily accepts an affiliation with Collège Boréal and La Cité accepting new students at Alfred College this fall. New College Alfred would have the ability, among other things:


  • enter into affiliation agreements with educational institutions that have authority over academic programs and degrees taught at Alfred College
  • establish research partnerships with colleges, universities and businesses,
  • collaborate with agencies in the Prescott-Russell economic development, entrepreneurship and employment preparation and
  • working with development partners and international education.

Community Council of Alfred College is a non-profit organization established in 1997. Its executive committee includes representatives of the Union of Franco-Ontarian farmers and elected directors of the community.CCCA aims to ensure the French development and expansion of Alfred College and the farming community, food and rural Ontario.

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Tom Manley
President, Community Council of Alfred College

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