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MONTREAL – Quebec's college of physicians says it's on the hunt for a fake doctor who claims to be the only one in Montreal who can do a prostate exam while a patient's pants are still on.

The college has charged Ken Montizambert, an osteopath and naturopath, with 12 charges of practising without a license and using a false title.

In a court motion this week, the college accused Montizambert of ordering blood tests and prescribing medication at the Tri-Med clinic in Montreal's west end.

The college also says the man has made false claims related to prostate cancer treatments.

It discovered the alleged scam following a complaint by Quebec's order of dentists.

The college says that during an undercover visit by investigator Jean Martin, the naturopath claimed to be a "specialist in neurology, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and memory."

Montizambert then charged the investigator $180 for a series of tests.

'World of Hope'

Woman affected by pesticides speaks out on home toxins

WHO: Ann-Marie Donaca

WHAT: Toxins in the home environment

WHEN: Sunday, May 27 1pm to 4pm

WHERE: Montreal Airport Hilton 12505 Cote de Liesse Dorval, Quebec

100 Million Americans suffer each year from chronic degenerative disease, much of it caused by toxins in the environment. One fourth of those, approximately 25 million are children! Environmental toxins from heavy metals and common pesticides are linked to health problems such as birth defects, cancer and developmental disabilities. If the causes are from the environment, that means they are potentially preventable! You have the right to know!

Ann-Marie Donaca was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer called mantle-cell lymphoma in March of 1997. Research showed that Ann-Marie's cancer was caused by environmental pesticides. Now she is on a mission to share the information she has gathered over the last three and a half years regarding toxins in the home environment. The presentation is titled 'World of Hope' and she will share it at the Montreal Airport Hilton, Dorval on May 27th. If you wish to learn more about what you can do to create a safe environment for your family, schedule Ann-Marie to do a 2-hour presentation to your organization. Contact her event coordinator, Kay Anderson, for an informational packet. Kay Anderson Bus (651) 674-2511 E-mail


Sunday, May 27

1pm to 4pm

Montreal Airport Hilton

12505 Cote de Liesse

Dorval, Quebec, Canada

Feature speakers:

* Ann-Marie Donaca – 'World of Hope'

* Ken Montizambert, D.O., m.b. oncology, microbiolgy Director of Tri-Med Clinic

Tickets $12.50 (Only 500 tickets available)

Deadline: May 11th, 2001


Vreni Seminchuk

3305 Harwood Blvd. St. Lazare QC

J7T 2H7


Joan E. Baumann

114 Buckingham Ave.

Pointe Claire, QC

H9R 1L1

(514) 695-3962

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