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July 8,2014: Creative Diagnostics of New York, has abruptly terminated the low cost testing service for Glyphosate in human body fluids and food.

This has resulted in disappointment on one side, and determination on the other, to continue search for a suitable lab that will provide low cost service for the people, at a pounce point that is within reach of average Canadians and Americans. This effort, including possibility of setting up a few “citizen’s labs” are on the drawing board. It is not certain when such labs may be available for the masses. We hope it will be sooner rather than later.

  • Sheryl McCumsey I am interesting in getting tested. I know other people who would be….can I share this information on my page and on my pesticide free page? I would also be interested in both 1 & 2. Would you ask these doctors if they think that glyphosate could be "hiding" in the body if not expressed in the urine?.…For example, is it possible it could be stored in the liver?


  • Tony Mitra Sheryl McCumsey – yes you can share this, and yes it can hide in the body. To Quote Dr. Anthony Samsel himself, who is offering the $100 range accredited test out of USA:



    Hi Tony,See More


  • Sheryl McCumsey I expected this….so do you know if urine could be negative and the tissue then positive?


  • Tony Mitra Well, urine will have what you ate recently. But tissue, breast milk etc can have what has accumulated over a period of time. So, if someone having glyphosate earlier but has been eating clean the last week, his urine may be clean but body tissues dirty, and vice versa.


  • Sheryl McCumsey Blood would not be one of those tissues I imagine. Anyway to test the tissue? I eat pretty well but have been unwillingly subjected to a lot of glyphosate in the past.


  • Tony Mitra The way I understand it, the GLyphosate will move from your gut into your blood first, and part of it will be filtered by the Kidneys and get into urine and/or feces. The rest will move to other parts of the body, and I am not sure exactly how that worSee More


  • Dana Lee Blackwell Would the glyphosate be stored in the fat, as many toxins are?


  • Sheryl McCumsey This is my thought Dana.


  • Tony Mitra Dena Dahl – yes. Pls read Anthony Samsel's quoted comment I posted above with regard to fatty acids, or lipids, in medical term


  • Dana Lee Blackwell Oh yes I see that info now. Thanks Tony.



  • Mike Eddy Sure …. I can try.



  • Tony Mitra … pls send me your email, phone and Skype name if you have one – can email me if you like –, Mike Eddy.


  • Trish Emery Statham I have been battling iron deficiency off and on over the last ten years and my last three pregnancies I have had liver function problems. My last pregnancy I had kidney and liver and platelet problems. But my iron was normal range. Could there be a link to pesticide in our foods? I felt fine but the blood tests showed elevations.



  • Trish Emery Statham I'm also concerned as I fed breast milk to all my kids and currently to my baby. I have been trying to eat as much organic and GMO free foods as I can possibly get but the stores here have limited amounts. Mostly fruits and veggies and a few grains likSee More


  • Tony Mitra Trish, I think you certainly should be a person to test for Glyphosate. If you dont mind, could you msg me your email and phone? I'd love to speak with you on these.


  • Trish Emery Statham I sent an email with more information as well.


  • Tony Mitra Got it and responded. Pls rvt phone # if you can. Need to speak with you.


Testing how much of Monsanto's Roundup has gotten into our water, in our food and in our body.

Citizen Direct Testing of Toxins in Environment

Health Canada or Environment Canada has not done mass test on how much of Monsanto's Roundup has gotten into human body fluids, nor has it set up labs that can do this test:

  • Federal Govt does not respond to our letters (
  • In Canada, only water and soil can now be tested, for closer to 300 dollars a test – quite out of reach of citizens.
  • No Canadian lab is able to test if people have glyphosate in themselves, through samples of blood, urine or breast milk from nursing mothers.
  • Labs in the US were testing for glyphosate at costs above $100 for human body fluids.
  • We are looking for labs that may agree to batch processing at a reasonable cost.
  • There are some financially challenged that cannot afford that money, and are eating unhealthy food suspected laced with Glyphosate, which is practically in every food that is not organic.
  • This funding is to help them to test their urine and breast milk for nursing mothers.
  • Walmart, Safeway and other food stores do not respond when we asked about testing their food to check if Glyphosate is present in their food. So this funding is to test their random sample of food.



What we plan to do and what you will see

We intend to pay ourselves, those that can afford, for testing our own urine, drinking water and food, and then use the funds here to test a vast number of the poorer people that cannot afford to eat Organic, as well as from common food sources such as what is sold in food stores :

  • Bulk test packages using 96T kits, one could use 40 samples duplicate tested in each batch. Using the magnetic particle test 120T kit, one could get up to 50 samples duplicate tested. These batch processing schemes bring the cost down to around US$ 1400 plus transportation charge to send 40 or 50 samples, by currier service. So with $6000 we hope to do at least three or four batches of poor people, covering almost 200 samples, involving perhaps 100 people and a hundred more of food samples, soil, water etc.
  • Some US labs are now seriously involved in trying to cater to our need. Some Canadian labs are also looking in on joining up.
  • We intend to place the results on the web, without individuals identity, to see where Canada stands with regard to intrusion of Glyphosate into regions, into different age groups, gender, eating style etc!
  • The funds will be used to make bulk payment to labs in the US that are able and willing to do these tests economically, while we continue to search for a lab, somewhere in Canada that can do similar tests, hopefully in comparable costing, though we have not located even one in Canada so far.



The Impact

The final results, hopefully coming in from all over Canada, totalling hundreds and hundreds of tests, perhaps even thousands, makes it a broad range analysis and will hopefully provide a more detailed picture of how much of the dangerous pesticide has gotten into us:

  • As far as we know, no other place in the planet has done this kind of large scale test before, either by Government or by the people, although Moms Across America did conduct a limited test of under a hundred samples, which already proved presence of Glyphosate even in the breast milk of some nursing mothers. A lot of folks are waiting to see how the results turn out for Canada.
  • We have not used Indigogo before, though we have used volunteer funding and are using it for a cross Canada talking tour on Food Security by retired genetic engineer Dr. Thierry Vrain, and myself (…)
  • People are encouraged to write to me for more details –



Joining the movement

If you are interested to join the movement as a volunteer, or a regional coordinator, or a candidate for testing yourself, or know someone that shoudl be tested, do contact us, especially where

  • You are sick from damaged gut bacteria, or through Crohn's, Celiac, leaky gut, autism, bowl disfunction, obesity or depression.
  • Once the data starts coming in, we intend to turn the testing into a political movement, to force the health care division of the Government to confront these issues instead of continue to accept ever increasing quantities of toxicity in our food, our land, our water and in ourselves.



Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

  • Volunteer for us – to round up more people that can pay for their own tests.
  • People you might know that might like to contribute to the cause, no matter how small the amount!



Contributor list – Thank you for helping

Here is the list. Of course folks have the option not to be seen and those anonymous donors are not listed here.

  • $10 – Karin Nelson, Janice Andrews, S J WELSH
  • $15 – Sandra Rennick
  • $25 – Sarah G Hargreaves, Hilary M. Aulando, Sarah Baird, Joanna Wedge,  Sarah S. Mason, Reggie Hilliard, Alex Crook, Heather Clisby, Catherine S Colvin.
  • $50 – Marie-Claude Poisson, David V Green, Wally Martin, Alex Atamanenko.
  • $100 – Tony Mitra, Melissa Williams, Kathleen W Bordeleau, S J LEWIS, Gloria Dixon, Jenny White, Barbara Dempster, Leena Chatterjee.
  • $200 – Brandie Harrop.
  • $1,000 – Lynn Nichols
  • Other Contributor – Heather Quick.


Nationwide Glyphosate Testing | Indiegogo.