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Canadians are fed up with a Government that is not perceived to be telling the truth or testing if Canadians are getting poisoned with RoundUp weed killer.  Whenever independent scientists raise alarm on the increasing level health risks being faced by the people through increased usage an exposure to Glyphosate, the killer poison in Monsanto’s RoundUp, such scientists get sacked, or their funds removed, labs closed down, papers retracted, gag order imposed and banished from the scientific community.

We have identified labs, in the US, that can test for Glyphosate in milk. This test is considered vital for us. Monsanto claims that the toxin does not accumulate mammals even if ingested, and that it gets flushed out through urine. Therefore, any presence in milk would be proof that the claim may be false and that if it can accumulate in cows, it can also accumulate in humans that drink this milk. On the other hand, if some of your milk products prove to be Glyphosate free, in other words if Glyphosate was not present in the food cycle of the dairy cattle that provided the base stock, then the people can list out those products as safe to drink with regard to this pesticide.

This note is sent to seek your opinion on our plan to test your products, and to check if you might like to join us in this initiative. Good quality tests involving, say the ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) costs around $150 or so per test in an accredited lab in the US. We shall be glad if your organization decides to join us by funding some of these “independent” tests on your own products. It might look good if your firm was perceived to be cooperating.

Please note, we are only focussing on Glyphosate for now, and we plan on a wide ranging scheme that will test many items which are not your products at all.

Should you have an objection to testing your milk products, i.e. if your position is that we may drink your milk and feed our family with it, but we may not test it, we shall appreciate if you will validate that with a proper statement.

We aim to be a transparent organization that let the public know of our involvements in this regard, so this letter, and others like it, may be circulated among members and in social media and internet, for others to either write similar letters, or compose their own.
Absence of a response may be taken as you do not feel comfortable discussing this matter with us.
Please also note, we failed to locate a proper name of a contact person with an email for your parent company in Canada. Even the prime ministers office has an accessible address and email contact for the people. We find this lack of easy access with a credible name, rank and contact email from vendors that demand such details from people writing to them through a heavily restricted on line comment section to be anti-people, poor in quality control tools and not too transparent.
We shall be more than happy to meet with you or speak on phone about our effort, and shall be looking forward to any response you might have.

Some of our friends in USA, also engaging in similar activity, might also approach you regarding products sold in American stores.

Thanking you

On behalf of Canadians for Testing Glyphosate
Tony Mitra

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