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Pesticide ban not contentious

In the overview of bills passed in the spring sitting in Province, Statistics Canada in stalemate (June 13), it says "few were contentious."

Manitoba's new lawn pesticide ban should be included in this group. Despite some heated debate, in the end lawn-pesticide bans are not very controversial.

Case in point: Ontario has had one for five years, and in the last provincial election it was hardly mentioned.

Why? Because Canadians are largely in agreement now: Kids and pesticides don't mix. Congratulations to the province for bringing in this common-sense legislation.


Gideon Forman

Executive director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Toronto, Ont.

via Have your say – Winnipeg Free Press.

2014 Ontario Election Results Map 

Red = Liberal Government (they banned Pesticides in 2009 and they were Re Elected in 2014)

Notice the amount of Red on the Map.  Hardly in agreement.

Ontario unwillingly follows in the choices TORONTO makes. 

Ontario 2014 Election Results  Liberal Win Red color