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Tired of receiving pesticide notices

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)

Editor: There have been many letters in The Guardian over the past few months regarding the spraying of harmful chemicals for cosmetic purposes. Many of these letters have called for Islanders to say enough is enough. Well, I would like to lend my voice to this cause. Enough is enough.

I am a cancer survivor, and I am very concerned about the poisonous chemicals that are being used in my neighbourhood and surrounding community. I am tired of receiving notices on my doorstep, telling me that my neighbours will be spraying carcinogenic chemicals on their lawns — all for the sake of a few dandelions.

What I find especially disconcerting is that my neighbours in question (they know who they are) know that I have had cancer, and know that I lost a young daughter to cancer. They also know that our other neighbour across the street lost her husband to cancer and that another surrounding neighbour was diagnosed with pre-cancers. I cannot fathom how someone could disregard this information and continue on in such a callous way.

I believe my fellow concerned citizens are correct — the Government of Prince Edward Island must better protect the citizens of this province by banning all lawn poisons. In the long run, such a ban would likely save our hospitals and palliative care unit a lot of money (and many families a lot of heartache).

Perhaps those who insist on using these poisons will think twice about spraying cancer-causing chemicals on their lawn when one of their loved ones or close friend is stricken with this terrible disease. Those dandelions won’t matter at all as you watch your loved one endure pure hell during chemo treatments, or when you are sitting at a funeral home greeting their friends because they lost their battle with cancer.

Wake up people — while you still have a chance. Being a good neighbour is about making good choices, caring about each other and having some respect for your fellow human beings and environment.

Nancy Zahavich,







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