NORAHG Responds To Anti-Pesticide Lunatics About Prince Edward County – 2014 06 08


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NORAHG responds to anti-pesticide lunatics concerning prohibition in Prince Edward County.

On May 29th, 2014, anti-pesticide officials at Prince Edward County, in Ontario, conspired to impose reckless and arbitrary prohibition against safe and effective neonicotinoid insecticides.

The following responses appeared following an article that appeared in iPolitics

ALL of the lunatic-responses originate from OUTSIDE of Prince Edward County.




Sheryl McCumsey     ―   May 31st, 2014

Good for the county to take the initiative! People realize this is a problem especially with the new study out of Harvard that supports the risk to bees. We can not take the risk to loose any more pollinators!





Norah G Fon  Sheryl McCumsey     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Bee experts quickly criticized the so-called Harvard Study, which was NOT performed by Harvard University. The study could NOT even be published legitimately in North America, and could only be published in some obscure publication in Italy. Moreover, the author of the study has NO recognized expertise in matters concerning honeybees. Experts complained that the study had exposed bees to an unrealistically high dose of insecticides. Everyone agrees that neonicotinoid insecticides are lethal to bees in extremely large doses. But, bees are NOT getting drenched with these insecticides in the real world. 
Overwhelming scientific evidence indicated that neonicotinoid insecticides are scientifically safe and cause no harm to bees when used properly. The so-called Harvard Study is merely an amateurish attempt to perform bee research.





Sheryl McCumsey  Norah G Fon     ―   June 3rd, 2014

You are the person who has threatened someone via through the mail….the RCMP have that information on you. You need help.





Vasillios     ―   May 30th, 2014

Common sense finally prevails. Good start!





madnessofcrowds     ―   May 31st, 2014

see friends of the Earth's report, "Follow the Honey" which explains the scale of global bee deaths caused by neonicotinoids and the disgusting lies which the pesticide industry has used as a smoke screen to confuse the – issue: http://libcloud.s3.amazonaws.c…

Europe BANNED these poisons in 2013 for an initial 2 years. France banned them a long time ago in 2000. Italy banned them from being used on corn in 2010 and the bee deaths stopped. Globally, more than 20 million bee colonies have been killed by neonics since 1994 – at least 15 million have died in America since 2003. Big Poison has simply taken over all the lies and PR techniques used by Big Tobacco – and the lies are the same.

Bee deaths are just the tip of the iceberg; we NOTICE dead bee colonies but we do NOT notice dead bumblebees by the million' recent report by the American Bird Conservancy noted that 30-50% of all birds on american farms have died in the last 20 years; their conclusion – Neonics have wiped all the insects from the crops, the air and the soil; no insects = no baby birds (no food). 
See report here:…

Well done Ontario in beginning to see the light!





Creditt2001  madnessofcrowds     ―   June 5th, 2014

This how uneducated the public is. Neonics have not been around since 1994 in seed treatments. You have already discredited any information you supplied. If you do not really know how long they have been around then do not comment.





madnessofcrowds  Creditt2001     ―   June 5th, 2014

If anyone is ignorant – it is you – both in your facts and in your offensive attitude. I am a beekeeper and have been involved in the campaign to get neonics banned since my first bee losses in 2003 – so I have been fully conversant with the science and agronomy of neonics for 11 years to date!

For an up to date summary of all the issues, readers should download this report:
Friends of the Earth Report "Follow the Honey" free for download from:


Neonics were first licensed in 1992 (Europe) and were in widespread use as seed dressings by 1994 c.f…

License was granted for use in America in 1994: QUOTE:

"On March 25, 1992, Miles, Inc. (later Bayer CropScience) applied for registration of imidacloprid for turfgrass and ornamentals in the United States. On March 10, 1994, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the registration of imidacloprid.[15]

Imidacloprid – the first Neonic from Bayer, was licensed in Europe in 1992 and began to be used widely seed dressing in both Europe and America from 1994-1996 under the brand name 'Gaucho'. The French lost over 1,000,000 bee colonies in a single season in 1994 and the battle to find the truth began at that time. The history of the French disaster is superbly documented in the film 'Bee Stroyed' which can be viewed on Youtube here:

You can also download a full report: "A Summary History of the French Beekeeping Disaster"…
In conclusion, you sound like a pesticide industry advocate – "To spread doubt is their mission"




 Prince Edward County 21





Norah G Fon  madnessofcrowds       June 7th, 2014

INSECTICIDES DO NOT KILL BEES & BEE-KEEPERS USE DEADLY PRODUCTS. Bee-keepers are falsely blaming bee deaths on neonicotinoid insecticides. Sadly, bee-keepers are the least credible and the least qualified to provide any advice concerning neonicotinoid insecticides. There are a growing number of reports that bee-keepers all over North America are violating federal law by using illegal, unregistered, deadly, and cancer-causing pest control products. Recently, in Alberta, bee-keepers were fined for using these unregistered pest control products to combat mite infestations, resulting hefty fines from Health Canada. Bee-keepers violate federal law by using products like amitraz, which is known to cause cancer, and is known to kill people. In 2006, the United States Environmental Protection Agency ( USEPA ) classified amitraz as a group C, a possible human carcinogen. Furthermore, exposure of men to greater amounts of amitraz can lead to death due to respiratory failure, mainly after oral uptake or inhalation. In Turkey during 1989, 41 cases of deadly amitraz intoxications were detected. Other frequently occurring symptoms after massive amitraz intoxication are bradycardia, depression, hyperglycemia, hypothermia, loss of consciousness, miosis, respiratory depression, and vomiting. In other words, bee-keepers are illegally using products that are known to cause cancer, and are known to kill people. It has been concluded that bee-keepers are producing potentially dangerous honey. And yet, these same bee-keepers complain about neonicotinoid insecticides, which, in fact, do not cause cancer, are scientifically-safe, and cause no harm. If bee-keepers are lying and cheating by using illegal products, then, are they also lying and cheating with their public statements about bee deaths and neonicotinoid insecticides ?!?! If we had less conventional neonicotinoid use in the environment, we would still have bee colony collapse disorder, because many bee-keepers are not competent to manage their hives. For more information regarding BEE-KEEPERS & ILLEGAL, UNREGISTERED, DEADLY & CANCER-CAUSING PRODUCTS, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site …





Mitch  madnessofcrowds     ―   June 5th, 2014

Oh wow, you're good at google.





Anne Peterson     ―   May 31st, 2014

Good for this county. Been already banned in Europe. Tired of corporations forcing poisonous stuff on us.





Prince Edward County 22






Norah G Fon  Anne Peterson     ―   June 3rd, 2014

In the European Union, PROHIBITION against Neonicotinoid Insecticides was A REACTION TO OVER-HEATED RHETORIC. In fact, studies in both Europe and in North America have proven there is NO ACCUMULATION and NO BIO-ACCUMULATION after 10 consecutive years.





April Reeves     ―   May 31st, 2014

Hey Norah G Fon, I'm the person you wrote a ton of hate letters to (that now sit with the RCMP). We're still moving to ban pesticides in Canda. Eat that.





Prince Edward County 20





Norah G Fon  April Reeves     ―   May 31st, 2014

April Reeves is WRONG ! No one wants this #@!!% ban nonsense ! It is impossible for home-owners or professionals to keep their properties beautiful by using so-called organic pesticide-free maintenance practices. Without conventional pest control products, playing surfaces become thin and yellow, and over-run with weeds and infested with insects, resulting in the dismal destruction of safe turf playing surfaces and turning them into garbage dumps. Who wants to live in #@!!% pest-infested garbage dumps just because a small group of activists like Reeves seek to impose arbitrary pesticide bans ?!?! Can municipalities and home owners afford the hardship and cost of this #@!!% pesticide ban nonsense ?!?! No ! Organic pesticide-free maintenance is promoted by enviro-vermin with unverifiable success stories ! It is a dismal failure ! Green alternative pesticides, as well as organic fertilizers, are often owned and distributed by the very same enviro-vermin who conspire to impose anti pesticide prohibition. The question of anti-pesticide prohibition revolves less around health and environment concerns, and more around the sale of products and services that are sold at stunningly exorbitant costs. When it comes to pesticide bans, government officials are thinking twice about banning pesticides by looking at the experience of those jurisdictions that have suffered the hardship and stunningly exorbitant costs of this #@!!% nonsense !×1 In fact, there are real trends against pesticide bans. The following jurisdictions stopped or rescinded or limited or opposed anti-pesticide prohibition, or granted professional lawn care businesses with an exception status … Alberta ( Province ), Altona ( Manitoba ), Ashland ( Oregon ), Beaumont ( Alberta ), Belleville ( Ontario ), British Columbia ( Province ), Calgary ( Alberta ), Campbell River ( British Columbia ), Chicago ( Illinois ), Durango ( Colorado ), Edmonton ( Alberta ), Everett ( Washington ), Guelph ( Ontario ), Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario ), Kamloops ( British Columbia ), Kelowna ( British Columbia ), Merritt ( British Columbia ), New Brunswick ( Province ), Newfoundland & Labrador ( Province ), Ogunquit ( Maine ), Port Alberni ( British Columbia ), Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba ), Prince Edward Island ( Province ), Quebec ( Prohibition Invalidated When Lawsuit Defeated Ban ), Regina ( Saskatchewan ), Rossland ( British Columbia ), Salmon Arm ( British Columbia ), Scarborough ( Maine ), Saint John’s ( Newfoundland & Labrador ), Steinbach ( Manitoba ), Stuartburn ( Manitoba), Vernon ( British Columbia ), Winkler ( Manitoba ). THE TRENDS AGAINST PESTICIDE BANS CONTINUE. NO ONE CAN AFFORD THIS #@!!% NONSENSE !





Rob B  Norah G Fon     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Good God are you really that brain dead? I hope you have not reproduced any children forced to grow up under such a retarded brain dead parent.




 Prince Edward County 23





Norah G Fon  Rob B     ―   June 3rd, 2014







madnessofcrowds  Norah G Fon     ―   June 5th, 2014

I take it you are a pesticide applicator/ professional who makes money from this evil trade.
Judging by your screaming rants, you need to get your blood and urine tested for organophosphates and neonicotinoids. Your brain and nervous system appear to be gravely affected by neurotoxins.





 Prince Edward County 24





Norah G Fon  madnessofcrowds     ―   June 4th, 2014

NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. NORAHG is a national non-profit non-partisan organization that does not accept money from corporations or governments or trade associations, and represents NO VESTED INTERESTS WHATSOEVER. NORAHG is dedicated to reporting the work of respected and highly rated experts who promote environmental realism and pesticide truths. NORAHG responds on behalf of the vast silent majority of the public that does not want pesticide bans, and support those who work in the professional lawn care industry. is opposed to pesticide-free jurisdictions that have doomed children to suffer injuries since anti-pesticide prohibition inevitably leads to public and residential green spaces that become dangerous and pest-infested garbage dumps. NORAHG is concerned that, without pest control products, children are at higher risk of suffering injuries with the creation of hazardous slipping and tripping conditions in sports turf.





Vasillios  Norah G Fon     ―   June 1st, 2014

Its vermin like you who are poisoning this planet, now go away so we can cleanup your mess!





Norah G Fon  Vasillios     ―   June 3rd, 2014

NORAHG responds on behalf of the VAST SILENT MAJORITY of the public that DOES NOT WANT PESTICIDE BANS. NORAHG SUPPORTS those who LEGITIMATE AND TAX-PAYING PEOPLE who work in the Professional Lawn Care and Agriculture Industries.





Imma Mazing  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

Norah you are a zealot, a spazz, and a fucking moron. Go huff some pesticides.





Vasillios  Norah G Fon        June 7th, 2014

“NORAHG responds on behalf of the VAST SILENT MAJORITY of
the public that DOES NOT WANT PESTICIDE BANS.” If they are silent how do you know that they don’t want the pesticide ban?




 Prince Edward County 25





Norah G Fon  Vasillios    ―   June 7th, 2014

WE KNOW THE MAJORITY DO NO WANT PROHIBITION BECAUSE OF LEGITIMATE POLLS. The polls clearly demonstrate that the public does not
want this #@!!% ban nonsense. In 2011, a BC poll conducted by Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association ( CCSPA ) showed that the vast majority of residents are opposed to a proposed prohibition against the use conventional pest control products, and they actually favour the continued use of these products around their homes and in public green spaces. In 2011, an Ontario poll showed that the public rejects pesticide bans, and more than half of Ontario residents believed that the provincial government did not do the right thing by imposing an arbitrary pesticide ban. Ontario residents would rather have the ban scrapped or modified. In February 2013, Canadian Association Of Agri-Retailers ( CAAR ) said there is questionable public support for prohibition against the use of pest control products.





Lisa Janston  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

Norah go take a bath in neonicotinoids please. Do us all a favour. Let us know how that works out for you.





Lisa Janston  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

Norah Fon. This planet is over-run by nut cases like you who care more about nice lawns than the health of bees and the planet.





Chagall  Norah G Fon     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Pesticides kill bees *and* people. If I walk past a lawn that's just been treated I can't breathe. That stuff is toxic. Other pesticides have been proven to cause birth defects, etc. It's not a matter of "not affording" organic lawn care, it's a matter of life for our species and our food supply's supportive ecosystem to use sustainable, non-toxic practices.





Norah G Fon  Chagall     ―   June 3rd, 2014

If your problem is legitimate ( and there is doubt that it is ), then contact Health Canada, and MAKE A REPORT. Otherwise, your problem is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UNVERIFIABLE HEARSAY.





Chagall  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

I'm currently applying for disability based on MCS. I thought it was standard knowledge this kind of reaction was fact, however now that you've brought it up I'll be happy to contribute to science. Thanks.





Helen Ayers  Norah G Fon     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Yeah, and I bet you don't believe in climate change either.





Norah G Fon  Helen Ayers     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Global Warming was a MYTH, and has been DEBUNKED ! Global Warming was The Scam Of Our Lifetime. In 2012, 4.5 BILLION PEOPLE were expected to DIE from Global Warming. Well, no one is dead yet. The Government of Canada withdrew from the NONSENSE of the Kyoto Protocol, and saved 14 BILLION DOLLARS. No one can afford this #@!!% Global Warming NONSENSE. For more information, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site …





Helen Ayers  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

haha…nor surprised about your response. I expected that. 
my goodness chill.





gavsdad     ―   June 1st, 2014

Please stop making or listening to excuses, just ban this and all chemicals that threaten our food sources.





Norah G Fon  gavsdad     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Neonicotinoid insecticides DO NOT HARM our food supply !





JKMA     ―   May 31st, 2014

This is awesome! Now, let's get this banned across the province and the country!





TomHarris   ICSC     ―   May 31st, 2014

I am also suspicious of this report when NO scientific evidence from the other side of the debate is referenced. Is there none at all? That is hard to believe.





Vasillios  TomHarrisICSC     ―   June 1st, 2014

All the other side has is a distraction called the Varroa mite.





Prince Edward County 26





Norah G Fon  Vasillios     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Bee-keepers appear to be unable or unwilling to get their major pest problems under control, such as Varroa mites, leading observers to conclude that they may not be competent to handle their businesses, and may be wholly unsuited to be raising bees. For the whole truth regarding BEES, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site …





Rob B     ―   June 3rd, 2014

I bet those pricks at Monsanto are behind all of this. Of course our Govt and Health Canada (those useless pustules) are silent of this issue because that would mean actually going against the wishes of big corp and we all know Harper is against all things good and right in Canada (unless you have millions to throw around)





Mitch  Rob B     ―   June 5th, 2014

Wrong. Monsanto has nothing to do with this.





Vasillios  Mitch     ―   June 5th, 2014

Monsanto doesn’t make the Neonicotinoids but they Shure as hell coat all their corn and soy seeds with these toxins so their just as guilty in my book!





TomHarris   ICSC     ―   May 31st, 2014

Please share with us independent scientific evidence that this action is required. I am always suspicious when I see government championing anything with respect to the environment especially when their report is coming out a year AFTER the ban.





Will Panos  TomHarrisICSC     ―   June 2nd, 2014

You want scientific evidence look at the Netherlands high Neonicotinoid
use and extremely high bee colony losses. Their irrigation and drainage ditches
has such high levels of these compounds that you could poor that water in a
spray bottle and start killing bugs with it. This past March they totally banned
these toxins for all uses. If this doesn’t convince you nothing will.





Norah G Fon  Will Panos     ―   June 3rd, 2014

WE NEED FULL DISCLOSURE. Mr Panos is employed by David Suzuki Foundation. David Suzuki himself has been at the top of the list when it comes to the most admired Canadians. Unfortunately, though, the reality of David Suzuki ( as an activist and lobbyist ) now seems completely at odds with the perception of David Suzuki ( as neutral scientist with no vested interests ). In reality, David Suzuki is the non-expert enviro-lunatic fund-raiser, anti-pesticide alliance-puppet-master, psychedelic-hippie, and entertainer who operates David Suzuki foundation. David Suzuki holds a mere B.A. Honours in biology and a mere Ph.D. In zoology. Suzuki has no recognized expertise, training or background in matters concerning environmental issues and pest control products. Actually, he is a mere expert in fruit flies. When it comes to science, Suzuki operates under the hypocritical assumption that allegations do not need to be true, they just need to be plausible. This applies not only to Suzuki, but also to other anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist organizations. David Suzuki has operated several anti-pesticide and environmental-terrorist organizations, such as ― David Suzuki Foundation, Ecojustice Canada, and Environmental Defence. On a number of issues, David Suzuki, and his employees like Mr Panos, are not informing Canadians, but mis-informing them. By continuously mis-informing the public, scientists and experts have to undo the damage his words are causing. If David Suzuki wants to be the sort of activist who’s willing to exaggerate, ignore, cherry-pick, or distort science to advance an agenda, then that is a choice he can make. Unfortunately, what we’re left with is someone who loses credibility when it comes to conveying actual science. It is now clear that Suzuki has reckless disregard for the truth. Observers are opposed to Suzuki who perpetually lies and lies and lies. This observation applies not only to Suzuki, but also to other anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist organizations. They must be unmasked. Suzuki himself has been forced to apologize for his statements of mis-information. Suzuki’s illegal interference in partisan politics and public policy in the Ontario 2011 general election finally raised serious questions about his foundation’s charity tax-exempt status. Consequently, Suzuki was quietly forced to step down from the board of directors of his beloved David Suzuki Foundation. This represented the ultimate humiliation for Suzuki. We need the concept of David Suzuki. It’s time to find a new David Suzuki. It’s time to stop making donations to David Suzuki. It’s also time to for David Suzuki to step down as host of television programs by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, including the nature of things because of his illegal interfere in partisan politics and public policy, and violations of taxation laws. We need a better David Suzuki ! For more information about Suzuki, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site …





Norah G Fon  Will Panos     ―   June 3rd, 2014

RESPONSE TO MR PANOS ( AKA SUZUKI ). More conclusive scientific evidence can be found in Australia, which uses Neonicotinoid Insecticides like the rest of the world, but AUSTRALIAN HONEY BEES ARE NOT IN DECLINE.





Will Panos  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

Most bee colonies in Australia forage on native vegetation, the colonies that are moved to pollinate canola are placed there well after the planting period for 2 to 3 weeks and then moved to detoxify. The amount of Neonicotinoid on canola seeds is a lot less than what is found on corn and soy. All this makes your Australian argument flawed and misleading.




Prince Edward County 3-2





Norah G Fon     ―   May 30th, 2014


Anti-pesticide officials at Prince Edward County are absolutely wrong about bee losses ! With their reckless and arbitrary prohibition against safe and effective neonicotinoid insecticides, officials at Prince Edward County may face the spotlight of scrutiny and the terror of the courts. Their prohibition cannot be defended in court. There is no legitimate scientific evidence to suggest a link between neonicotinoid insecticides and bee losses. With best management practices, neonicotinoid insecticides do not harm bees. If officials at Prince Edward County were not so scientifically illiterate, they would know that scientific research shows that, as reported through Health Canada’s vast toxicology database, legitimate scientific evidence demonstrates that no harm will occur to bees with neonicotinoid insecticides. However, it is more likely that bee-keepers themselves are harming their own bees. It is clear that bee losses are the fault of a very small number of incompetent bee-keepers and their mis-management practices. In other words, bee-keepers are responsible, and not neonicotinoid insecticides. Officials at Prince Edward County are not willing to explain why only a very limited number of bee-keepers were affected, less than 1 per cent of all bee-keepers. In 2012, a mere 43 bee-keepers alleged losses. In 2013, only 82 bee-keepers alleged losses. There are 7,000 bee-keepers keeping 600,000 colonies of honeybees across Canada. Essentially, a mere 1.0 per cent of all bee-keepers are reporting losses. These represent the incompetent bee-keepers of Canada. Over 99 per cent of all bee-keepers are reporting no losses. 1 per cent of bee-keepers appear to have no idea what they are doing, leading some observers to conclude that bee-keepers may not be competent to raise bees. Why don’t officials at Prince Edward County question why only a very limited number of bee-keepers are affected ?!?! Moreover, bee-keeper allegations regarding insecticides are so ridiculous that observers are beginning to speculate that bee-keepers deliberately killed their bees in order to lay false blame against neonicotinoid insecticides. Why don’t officials at Prince Edward County investigate the losses of bees at the hands of bee-keepers ?!?! Why don’t officials at Prince Edward County investigate the incompetence of bee-keepers ?!?! Bee-keepers conceal the fact that their losses are actually the fault of their mis-management practices, or worse, their own deliberate actions. We have to consider all the factors that can harm the bees, and there is no legitimate scientific evidence to suggest that neonicotinoid insecticides somehow harm bees. Officials at Prince Edward County must rescind prohibition. For more information concerning bee-keepers KILLING THEIR OWN BEES, go to the following links … For more information regarding BEES, go to … is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. Get the latest details at The Pesticide Truths Web-Site and go to The Complete Library Of Web-Pages, Reports, & References





excusemebut2  Norah G Fon     ―   May 31st, 2014

Quote Pesticide Truths, (using the truths title with a bit of disdain) "Ontario Bee Keepers Association are Radical Extremists." My, my, those bee keepers, they all hate bees and farmers and anything chemical and don't have a clue.

NORAHG well know internet troll, and "pesticide radical extremist group"

NORAHG…so worried about the "greenspace" industry, an industry that could, and in many cases IS thriving without certain chemicals.





Sheryl McCumsey  excusemebut2     ―   May 31st, 2014

Everything this NORAG person says is a lie.





Norah G Fon  Sheryl McCumsey     ―   May 31st, 2014

Sheryl McCumsey is a non-expert anti-pesticide activist who attempts coerce and terrorize government officials and the public into believing her fact-less fear-mongering against pest control products. McCumsey is a mere student in massage therapy and footwear, and has absolutely no training, expertise, or background in matters concerning pest control products. Her opinions carry no credibility and are worthless. McCumsey spreads needless hysteria, fear, paranoia, and terror against pest control products by falsely alleging that she and her daughter somehow become sick whenever a neighbour uses them. McCumsey has even been terrorizing her neighbours for seven years because of her mock-fear about pest control products applied to their properties. McCumsey conspires to recklessly and arbitrarily prohibit against pest control products used in the urban landscape, and, consequently, seeks to destroy legitimate and tax-paying businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry. McCumsey neglects to mention that there are real trends against prohibition across North America, with dozens of jurisdictions that are stopping or rescinding or limiting anti-pesticide prohibition, or granting professional lawn care businesses with an exception status. McCumsey conveniently forgets that pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will not cause harm to people, animals, or the environment. There is not one known illness or death from the proper use of pest control products used in the urban landscape. Perhaps if McCumsey were to prioritize her energy to the primary causes of health issues, such as life-style choices, lives would be saved.





excusemebut2  Norah G Fon     ―   June 1st, 2014

NORAHG is a organization of nut cases who spread mistruths and lies. Using threats, CAPITAL letter rants, and always referring back to their twisted web site. MY GOD>>>>THE WORLD IS ENDING…THERE IS A DANDELION IN MY LAWN>>.. MY YARD IS A DUMP>>>>>





Norah G Fon  excusemebut2       June 7th, 2014






Chagall  Norah G Fon     ―   June 3rd, 2014

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a very real condition. I hope you never have to suffer it yourself, although that might hopefully give you some compassion for the sufferings of others. I don't even know this Sheryl person you're talking to, I only know my own symptoms when encountering pesticides and other toxic chemicals such as modern laundry detergent fragrances.




 Prince Edward County 27





Norah G Fon  Chagall     ―   June 3rd, 2014

PESTICIDES CAUSE NO HARM AND DO NOT CAUSE CANCER OR CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES. Indisputable and conclusive scientific research shows that, as reported through EPA’s and Health Canada’s vast toxicology database, no harm will occur when pest control products are used according to label directions. The risk assessment of pest control products indicates that they are practically-non-toxic, especially when used in the urban landscape, and even quite often in agriculture. There is not one known chemical sensitivity from the proper use of pest control products. For more information about PESTICIDES ARE SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site.





Chagall  Norah G Fon     ―   June 4th, 2014

Maybe if I'd been included in such a study I'd have more confidence in it, but my personal experience trumps a study that I wasn't part of. If any scientists wish to examine my reactions to chemicals, please contact me. I'd love to contribute to real evidence.





The Whole Truth About PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY Has Been Archived On The Pesticide Truths Web-Site  …












 Prince Edward County 2-30