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An Example of People who are So Ignorant its simply Embarrassing.

We are sure her Daughter Camille will protect her sorry butt from a Legal Challenge.

Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)

Editor: Dear Minister Sherry: Remember the protest in front of Province House recently when I asked if you’d ban lawn pesticides in the fall sitting of the legislature? You said you’re always open to hearing from people. Well, do you think you could haul out that petition signed by thousands of Islanders opposed to lawn pesticides and have a look? You could also read the proceedings of the legislative committee that considered banning cosmetic pesticides in 2007. About 150 Islanders made presentations in favour of a ban.  In fact, then-Environment Minister Richard Brown said Islanders were very clear about what they wanted.

Did you know Islanders were some of the first people in Canada to protest against lawn pesticides? Yet today two-thirds of Canadians are protected by lawn pesticide bans and Islanders are not.  If you’re unfamiliar with the issue, I’ll bet your counterpart in Manitoba, Minister Mackintosh, would be happy to tell you why he just banned lawn pesticides. He says they threaten human health and that there’s ample evidence to support a ban.

That’s why Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia have bans too. And it’s why in 2000 the federal government’s Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development recommended a ban. http://pesticidetruths.com/2011/05/26/quebec-backs-down-on-24-d-says-it-is-not-harmful-to-humans-fp-comment-financial-post/

So you see there really has been no debate for a very long time about the toxicity of these pesticides. So what’s the deal with your government?

We did the whole protest, public information meetings, petition, meeting with the minister routine and got shafted by Richard Brown. Now you’re the minister so how about letting Islanders know, say in a message on your department website, exactly what is the hold up in banning lawn pesticides? You know it’s going to happen sooner or later, so can we just cross this one off our list of things to do and get it over with in the fall sitting?  It’s become tiresome and besides, how many more kids do you want to be poisoned under your watch?

Looking forward to your response.

 Sharon Labchuk,

Earth Action






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