Premiere Kathleen Wynne | Ontario SunSets Lawn Care Industry | Provides $ Funding $ to Address Bee Loss |

Beekeepers getting compensated for their own bee deaths through lack of knowledge.  Baseless Claims.

Pesticide Licenced Lawn Care Industry got the Shaft! ($0.00) in 2009 using Health Canada Approved Products. 

All that crying and whining to the media paid off for Dave Schuit – Saugeen Country Honey Inc.    He has even made claims in the 2012 Legislature transcripts they used to be Organic Certified. Couldn't afford the mortgage on 100 acres of Prime Organic Land? Go Figure.  Sounds like they bailed on the Organic Farm once the weeds and insects took over.

Retiring to Start Up an Organic Farm,  The Ontario Dream…  and then CRY TO THE PROVINCE for funding when it doesn't work out…  The Sustainable Citiot!


Sep 18, 2013 – Dave Schuit owns Saugeen Country Honey Inc., and reportedly lost 37 million bees last year – more than half of his over 2,000 hives

1000 hives x $105 = $105,000 profit for Dave Schuit OBA Member

Since beginning with 35 hives in ’96, Davidson has built his business to 1500 hives

750 hives x $105 = $78,750 profit for Dan Davidson OBA PRESIDENT

Where is the Justice…


Ontario announced that it will give one-time monetary assistance to beekeepers who have experienced significant bee loss during the harsh winter months.

Beekeepers who have 10 hives or more and lose over 40 per cent of their colonies between Jan. 1, 2014 to Oct. 31, 2014 will be eligible for funding. The province has pledged to compensate $105 per hive. 

Ontario Provides Funding to Address Bee Loss |