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Managing Emeral Ash Borer In Colorado

Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management

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Some of our clients have asked about an alternate EAB treatment method called Tree-Age, which 
has been getting press lately. The company that manufactures Tree-Age, their suppliers who sell it, 
and the companies who offer it claim that Tree-Age is a superior product. It’s definitely not in our 

Pointer is much safer. It is NOT a restricted use product. Actually, the active ingredient Imidacloprid 
is the same product used in common flea and tick medications that are applied directly to our 
dogs’ and cats’ skin! Does a more toxic product mean it will do a better job? Absolutely not! We 
consider it “over-kill.” Homeowners should always insist on getting the job done with the safest and 
most environmentally-conscious products available. Imidacloprid suits that purpose!


AGENDA TITLE: Emerald Ash Borer 2014 Workplan

In September  2013   City of Boulder_ Parks and Recreation Forestry staff discovered an
emerald ash borer (EAB) infestation within the city. This is the first known occurrence of EAB in Colorado and is the westem-most occurrence of this invasive pest in North America. Eradication and containment efforts across the country have been unsuccessful resulting in the loss of over 50 million ash trees.
EAB management, including  tree removal  tree replacement, wood disposal and pesticide treatments, will have an enormous   di rect budgetary impact to the City of Boulder and private residents over the next  15  years. The loss of tree canopy will have significant economic  social  and environmental impacts for decades.
The Environmental Advisory Board is joining the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for a presentation and discussion on the pest and the 2014 EAB Workplan

Coordinate with Rella Abernathy, City IPM Coordinator on addition of Tree-Age to Approved Pesticide List 
Continue to research pesticide options moving forward 
Trap trees per SLAM (SLow Ash Mortality) protocols: [Purposely Kill] girdle 3  public ash trees per known infested grids; treat adjacent public ash trees with Tree-age.  Goal is to reduce beetle populations and slow the spread.
Treat approximately 175  public ash trees within infested grids only: will use only Tree- age and TreeAzin in 2014 
Evaluate public ash trees in adjacent grids for possible treatments to commence in 2015 Negotiate with tree care companies about potential to extend city pricing for private property owners