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As a child I nearly died in an emerg. room because my father sprayed the grass to kill lawn moths and I laid on it. It was a week before the swelling in my face allowed me to see.

Sheryl says:

I have had a nightmare with my pesticide loving neighbour – we have had numerous health issues as he sprays round-up all over the backyard and in all the flower beds several times a year. We can not do anything because Edmonton lacks a by-law. For those of you who care and want to do something like “Pesticide Free Edmonton” on facebook or contact me (Sheryl McCumsey) on there with a message. I am working on this as we have an election this fall and I think we should make it an issue. There are numerous studies published in the last year that make it very clear we need to do something. I believe people are dying.

Tony Mitra Show January 2014

Sheryl McCumsey , Her Sick Child, Neighbor Abuses Pesticides

Sick Kids from Neighbor using Round Up Constantly Killing Lawn Micro Organisms

University of Guelph and Keith Solomon, Industry Shills

May 21, 2013
2:31 PM

We have been living a nightmare with a neighbour for seven years. He sprays round-up all over the dirt where a garden once was and flower-beds in the front. He sprays 2,4-D all over the lawn and does this several times a year. He has killed many plants over the years. We tried talking to him, city mediation and several forms of government. He doesn’t care and is verbally abusive as well. We have put a lot into our home, have friends in the area and have a small home based business. Without a by-law we cannot do anything other than the expensive route of taking him to court. I have spend the last year researching pesticides as from May to Nov. my family has shown increasing toxic reactions to his excessive spraying. I am angry with civil, provincial and even the federal governments (namely “Health Canada”) for what we are going through. It is ridiculous that this stuff is allowed in our country. So many doctors and scientists warn of the dangers and it is not even working well (weed resistance, soil deterioration, decrease in yield and food quality…). This is all about money and the horrible cost that the greed of corporations will come to pass. I hope that people will “wake” up before it is too late!!