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Organization:Ontario Beekeepers Association Tech Transfer Program

Location:Guelph, ON

Company Overview

OBA Mission Statement

We work to ensure a thriving and sustainable beekeeping industry in Ontario. To this end, we advocate for beekeepers’ interests, support honey bee health research and deliver practical training and information.

Tech-Transfer Program

The mandate of the TTP is to conduct research for Ontario’s beekeeping industry, to facilitate a honey bee breeding program in Ontario and to transfer information, skills and methodologies to the beekeepers.

OBA Vision Statement

In our vision, Ontario leads with well-informed and skilled beekeepers, healthy and plentiful honeybees raised in Ontario, a prosperous beekeeping industry as well as a widespread appreciation for honey and for the critical role that honey bees play in agriculture.
OBA Values

In pursuit of our Vision and in execution of our Mission We value:


    We recognize the interdependence of all beekeepers in Ontario and strive to include everyone whether they keep bees for commercial purposes or pure enjoyment.


    We are committed to responding quickly and thoughtfully to urgent issues that could potentially affect beekeepers or the wellbeing of honey bees.


    We are committed to ongoing dialogue and engagement through a variety of means with our members and local associations to further the mission of the OBA.


    We work in partnership with a broad range of organizations and initiatives to strengthen our strategic impact.

Science-based research and information

    The information and training we support is based on the most up-to-date research and analysis from Ontario and globally

Environmental responsibility

    We are committed to strategies and policies that support and advance a sustainable environment.


Job Description:

The candidate will be responsible for working with honey bee colony and the collection of data from the field and laboratory.  Preparation of reports on field and lab data collection will be required.


Post Secondary education in scientific methodology and collection of data is preferred.

Drivers Licence is required.

Hours of availability must be flexible in order to accommodate long days in the field and collection of time sensitive data. 

Candidate must be accustomed to working in outdoor conditions.  Persons allergic to bee stings are not encouraged to apply due to the nature of the job.

Communication skills and working in teams an essential skill to successfully engage in this position.  Some knowledge of working in rural settings and on private property of clients an asset.  

Additional Information:

The succesful canidate will have the opportunity to continue working for the OBA Tech Transfer Program after the intership period.

Job Posting: Apiculture Research Technician, Guelph ON | ECO Canada.