Rick Smith | Sharon Labchuk | Gideon Forman | Extreme Activism | Toronto Organic Vision – In Search of Change 2014

The Organic Vision: In Search of Change
February 22, 2014
Session Descriptions

Terrace Room
11:35 am – 12:45 pm
Activism – 'We're Fed Up'
Imagine 30,000 people rallying for change in the agricultural system.  That's exactly what is happening in 
Germany's 'We're Fed Up' movement.  In a time where many of us feel overwhelmed and overloaded, we must 
guard against becoming complacent and tolerant because we donʼt have time to be active and engaged.  If we 
want our lives to reflect what we value, we must stand up for those values in both our personal and political lives.  
Listen to how our panel of activists does it and take note.  They are creating the world they want to see.  
Panel:" Regine Holloh
" Rachel Parent
" Sharon Labchuk
Moderator:  Tomás Nimmo


Whatʼs the Big Deal About Pesticides and What's So Good About Organic? 
In 2004 a study known as the Washington Report revealed the impact of organophosphate pesticides on children 
as they alternated between eating organic and conventional foods.  Learn about the human impact of this 
important work and the work that Cynthia Curl continues to do in this area.  Get under the skin as Dr. Donald 
Davis untangles the facts about pesticide contamination of organic and what has happened to the nutrient quality 
of our food. 
Panel:" Cynthia Curl
" Donald Davis
" Rick Smith
Moderator:  Gideon Forman