| Precautionary Principle Flawed | Acropolis Principle to be benchmark for EU Pesticide Risk Management |

Project Coordinator, Ir Jacob van Klaveren, explains the work and directions of the ACROPOLIS initiative, as it develops a Europewide
standard for pesticide risk assessment.

The research of ACROPOLIS contributes to the development of a methodology to ensure that the missing aspects in the risk assessment
of pesticides can be addressed in future risk management. This will increase trust of the consumer in the safety regulation of pesticides.
Greenpeace is a consumer group and a member of the Scientifi c Advisory Board of ACROPOLIS. Their concerns regarding current risk assessment
can be expressed on this board and they might address their opinions and wishes for future developments in pesticide risk assessment.
In general, it is not to be expected that the new methodologies will identify more risk related to public health, since the current standard
setting methodology uses the precautionary principle. However, it is often unknown how much precaution has been built into the risk
assessment, because the current approach fails to separate and visualise variability, uncertainty and safety factors. ACROPOLIS will build upon this
approach to visualise the three different elements.

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