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~~Richmond Food Security Society – Action Team minutes

May 17, 2012

In Attendance: Colin Dring, Erika Simms, Alex Nixon, Anne Swann, Minoo Javadi, Marilyn Churchill, Janice Crowe, Deneanne Quamme, Rani Wangsawidjaya

1.Agenda approved/ Minutes approved with changes to wording to item #9
2.Earth Day / Move for Health Recap: Library event was very successful especially the seed library. We had many people sign up for the library.  The groups that had interactive displays were successful. The library is an excellent venue to get information out to the public.  The Cambie Park clean up was also a successful event with about 300 people showed up to help with the Community Garden and the park area.  Move for health: we were promoting the community gardens as well as passing on general information to the public. The crowd was mostly seniors, some families with preschoolers were at the event. The event took place during the weekday so the crowds weren’t huge. Vancouver Coastal Health had a fabulous drink/sugar display that attracted lots of people.
3.Asian Heritage Month: Ian’s healthy cooking classes were very popular. Janice went to one of the classes and said that the food was delicious. Ian was quick and efficient.  We have had great feedback and the classes were well attendance.  Panel discussion –“Food for Thought” at the Performance Hall May 31, 2012 at 7pm. Panel speakers will be Dr. Warren Bell, Stephanie Yuen- Food Blogger and Jose Sarabia – local farmer growing rice and meat.  In June we will be partnering with Eco Films. These movies will be at the Performance hall and will include panel discussions after the screening of the movies  Action – Colin to send information as it becomes available
4.Local Food Guide-  Erika has completed the local food guide information update and has sent it to Gretchen to  compile the document. Colin has applied for a Vancity Grant for printing more copies. The city gives us 500 copies but we would like to promote the guide in other languages such as Cantonese and Mandarin. It was suggested that a mobile app may be very useful. Action – Colin will talk to Gretchen about what we would need.
5.Richmond School Board Update- Arzeena and Colin met with the members of the School District, Donna Sargeant, Monica Pamer and Wendy Lim. The parties clarified understanding about the Farm to School program and the Richmond School District’s involvement. The School District is interested in food conversations but has put a halt on activities and initiatives due to job action and a lack of resources. The School District prefers to have initiatives come from the Schools with the support of teachers and administration.   Further communications will be directed to Wendy Lim and Rosalind Poon.
 There is already some funding for food that is provided to schools by the Gilmour United Dream Auction. Although there is no tracking of how this money is used in the schools.
Action – Peace and Justice Committee to determine where funding that is provided to the schools is being used
6.Farm to School Update- Rani reported that Cambie High School is hoping to enhance their Breakfast Program to include vegetables, fruits and eggs from local sources. Cambie High would have to apply for funding from Farm 2 School and eligible for $1500-$2000. The principal is in support and is helping to organize the project.
Action: Rani will send Colin a draft of the application
7.Food Skills for Families- Funding from the Ministry of Health  for six sessions in Community Kitchens around Richmond. There have been three successful programs, Minoru Seniors Centre, Richmond Family Place, and Stir it up. The remaining spots will target low income areas in Richmond, two spots in East Richmond and one at the food bank. Rani presented a map from the 2006 Census that shows areas of low income, recent immigration and Punjabi speaking areas. Alex from the Food Bank suggested that the low income pockets have changed in Richmond.
Action: Alex to see if he can share Food Bank data on Richmond’s low income hubs

Salt and Sugar Displays- Ministry of Health Initiative-  Anne passed out posters and information sheets put out by the Ministry of Health. These information sheets are showing the amount of sugars and salt levels in different foods and drinks. If any organization would like these posters please contact Anne Swann at VCH

Upcoming events:
•Panel Discussion – May 31st, 2012
•Food Security AGM/Strategic planning
•Party for Arzeena- June 28, 2012
•Sharing Farm Open House- May 19, 2012
•Garage Sale at Mary Gazetas House – May 26/27, 2012

Meeting Adjourned at 430pm

Next meeting June 21st, 2012

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