– Farm Group Says PMRA Still Not Moving On Generic Pesticide Concerns

By Ray Baynton on December 10, 2013 
Two different groups are taking the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to task over it’s generic pesticides registration process.

Farmers of North America says PMRA was approached about the delays in the process three years ago.

But FNA and a group of generic crop protection companies say the agency hasn’t done anything to improve the system .

The main complaint is that it can take 24 months to get a generic pesticide on the market in this country.

FNA says it only takes about 6 months in the U-S.

Their argument is that the delay, along with what they argue is a massive price differential between pesticide products here and in the U-S, put Canadian farmers at a big disadvantage in the marketplace.

Both the generic companies and Farmers of North America say they are not asking the government to eliminate fair compensation for relevant data for the registration.

They say they are also not trying to undermine the ten year exclusive period for the pesticide developers.

One of the PMRA’s policy objectives is to create favourable conditions for generic pesticide producers to enter the market and to increase the selection of products available to the user.

The FNA and the generic crop protection companies wants the PMRA to make the changes needed to fulfill that part of their mandate.
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