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Career Management For Golf Course Superintendents

A Look At Golf Facility Owners Failing To Demand High-Quality Playing Conditions


November 7th, 2013


Golf facility owners are headed for a collision course with declining numbers of playing customers and economic disasters, as well as the imminent threat of anti-pesticide and anti-fertilizer prohibitions.

When playing customers are not satisfied, they will be driven away, and owners will lose revenues, and may eventually lose their businesses.

To satisfy their customers, owners invest vast sums of money in order to provide them with high-quality playing conditions.

To manage the playing conditions, golf facility owners also invest vast sums of money in the acquisition of modern and educated golf course superintendents.

Golf facility owners invest vast sums of money in the continued education of their superintendents, through educational conferences and shows, trade association fees, and social events where knowledge is exchanged.

Owners invest vast sums in supplying their superintendents with maintenance tools like state-of-art equipment, as well as cutting edge seed varieties, pest control chemicals, and fertilizers.

The maintenance tools and knowledge now available to the modern golf course superintendent have never been better.

These tools will provide what playing customers demand … high-quality playing conditions.

With these maintenance tools, the golf course superintendent industry has reached its pinnacle for potentially satisfying the demands of golf facility owners and playing customers.

For example, superintendents now have centuries of accumulated practical experiences, backed by thousands upon thousands of research investigations, that all ensure achieving the objective of high-quality playing conditions.

Another example … destructive pests and disorders can now be harnessed, suppressed, and controlled … as never before … and more so than at any other time in history.

Time and again, modern and educated golf course superintendents have not only successfully demonstrated that they can harness, suppress, and control destructive pests and disorders, they have also defied difficult weather conditions and environmental extremes, and have repeatedly satisfied the demands of playing customers.

Sadly, some golf facility owners have somehow bought into the outdated concept that the quality of playing conditions is somehow at the entire mercy of weather conditions and environmental extremes.

Some owners have been conditioned into believing that high-quality playing conditions are totally beyond the control of the superintendent.

These owners have reduced their expectations with disappointing requirements for the employment of golf course superintendents.

For example, Saint Paul Golf Club, in Alberta, recently posted its requirements for the ideal candidate for the position of superintendent.

Here is a summary of its disappointing requirements ―

•  Ability to supervise and direct staff.

•  Degree or diploma in turf management or equivalent.

•   Design and implement agronomic programs.

•   Knowledge of pest control methods.

•   Manage purchases of supplies and equipment.

•   Pesticide applicators license ( which is required by law anyhow ).

•   Provide reports.

•   Supervise, repair, and maintain equipment.

•   Three to five years of experience.

•   Understand irrigation systems.

•   Work with the general manager and board of governors.

•  Work to remain within budget.

Why are these requirements disappointing ?

Saint Paul Golf Club failed to demand any level of performance that would be related to providing high-quality playing conditions.

In other words, Saint Paul Golf Club could not care less about playing conditions, and, officially, will not evaluate the performance of its superintendent in this matter.

The attitude of Saint Paul failed to directly demand anything that would satisfy its playing customers, and, basically, seeks to drive them away.

The attitude of Saint Paul Golf Club is ludicrous and ill-fated, and effectively reduces the role of the golf course superintendent to that of a mere foreman or civil servant who will be provided with absolutely no incentive to satisfy playing customers.

In essence, Saint Paul Golf Club has officially disregarded, ignored, and downgraded its golf course playing conditions … the single and most important reason why playing customers will use its facility.

Sadly, superintendent trade associations agree with Saint Paul Golf Club.

And incredibly, superintendent trade associations have also embarked on a ludicrous and ill-fated campaign to downgrade playing conditions.

Associations like Canadian Golf Superintendents Association claim « the golf industry around the globe has embarked on an effort to reduce the expectations of the golfer ».

In essence, trade associations have embarked on a campaign of driving playing customers out by telling them what they want.

Unfortunately, it is not the role of trade associations to dictate expectations to golf facility owners and their playing customers !

This is a rule in any service industry.

Golf facility owners and their playing customers do not want their expectations reduced !

And it is not up to mere trade associations to dictate to golf facility owners what their expectations should be.

Nor is it up to the golf course superintendent.

It is up to Saint Paul Golf Club to provide high-quality playing conditions.

This must be the highest priority objective when choosing its next golf course superintendent.

Additionally, all golf facility owners must provide high-quality playing conditions.

A failure to do so will lead them to a guaranteed collision course with declining numbers of playing customers and economic disaster.

Here is what Saint Paul Golf Club SHOULD have required for the position of golf course superintendent ―

The owners of this golf facility demand high-quality playing conditions.

This is the highest priority objective when choosing the next golf course superintendent.

In order to succeed for this position, the candidate must unconditionally agree with this objective.

Once employed, the superintendent will not dictate what our objective priority should be.

The owners want no demands, no excuses, and no complaining … just results that lead to our priority objective.

The objective is to fully satisfy its playing customers.

Within the boundaries of what the golf facility can afford, it is up to the superintendent to achieve this objective, by any means available.

This objective will be the primary means with which the owners will evaluate the job performance of the superintendent at the end of every season.





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