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The Queen Of Junk Science


In the 9|11 era of anti-pesticide and lunatic-environmental terrorism, menacing characters come in all shapes and sizes, just like in the movies.

One such character is the queen of junk science.

Rachel Carson is affectionately known as the queen of junk science.

Carson recklessly wrote the notorious anti-pesticide book entitled silent spring while she was stricken and dying with breast cancer, which was diagnosed in spring 1960.

While writing the book, she underwent radical mastectomy in April 1960, as well as radiation treatment.

Given her own terminal state of health, Carson decided to wail endlessly about the supposed risks of chemicals in the environment, specifically DDT insecticide.

In the minds of many observers, there is no doubt that Carson's illness tainted her views regarding chemicals.

It is a known fact that while a person is dying due to a disease, the human mind often attempts to link the reason for the disease with a specific event or blunder.

Consequently, Silent Spring was scientifically inaccurate.

Moreover, Carson had no competent background, training, or expertise in matters concerning pest control products.

She was not competent to discuss pest control products.

In fact, Carson can only be described as a mere zoologist, spinster, and cancer victim.

With the passage of time, it has become clear that silent spring was severely flawed.

Most of the allegations in silent spring were ultimately shown to be scientifically inaccurate and filled with junk science.

Some observers maintain that silent spring was approximately two-thirds incorrect, and hence only one-third correct.

Nevertheless, Carson became the first environmental-terrorist, as well as the queen of junk science.

Eventually, Carson's acts of subversion served as an example and inspiration for aspiring environmental-terrorists, who eventually imposed deadly life-style choices.

For example, since 1972, Carson's policies led to millions of deaths by malaria because of reckless world-wide bans against the use of DDT insecticide ( not by democide ).

Carson is now recognized as one of the great mass killers in recent history.



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The Addams Family ( audio recording )




The Queen Of Junk Science Theme Song


In the 9|11 era of environmental terrorism, the queen of junk science has a theme song, with similar lyrics to the television show the Addams family.

The lyrics were found at the television show entitled the Addams family ( 1964 – 1966 ).

These lyrics were adapted to create a little song about Miss Rachel Carson.

Vic Mizzy wrote and performed the original theme, along with Dave Kahn and Ted Cassidy.


She was sneaky

and she was kooky

With spooky credibility

'07 was her 100th birthday

The queen of junk science

She really was a deceiver

When people wanted to read 'er

She really was a screamer

The queen of junk science

So get an environmental move on

With DDT you can bawl on

Force of nature will pay a call on

The queen of junk science





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Communities and businesses are being harmed and destroyed and raped by prohibitions against pest control products used in the urban landscape, and by other acts of environmental terrorism

We are living in the 9|11 era of anti pesticide and environmental terrorism where at least one subversive act of terror is perpetrated every single day by these terrorist

We are living in the dark age of anti pesticide terrorism where sound science is trumped by fake scientists, junk science and unverifiable secret evidence through fabrication, innuendo, and internet rumor ― scientific research proves that pest control products cause no harm and can be used safely

An informed public is better able to protect itself and its communities and businesses from so-called activists who are the least qualified to provide any advice about pest control products or the environment

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