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Pesticides unnecessary


(re: Silent spring, silent minister, Editorial, Western News, Oct. 11)



Thank you for your thoughtful editorial.



You are exactly right: lawn and garden pesticides should be banned across B.C.



The science shows that people exposed to these poisons are at greater risk for cancer and neurological illness.



Exposed parents are more likely to have a child with birth defects.



And these chemicals are entirely unnecessary.



As we’ve seen in provinces with pesticide bans, homeowners can keep their property beautiful using non-toxic products.



B.C.’s new pesticide regulations — which let licensed personnel use these poisons — are a cruel trick: they appear to protect the public while actually allowing toxic spraying to continue in perpetuity.



Pesticides used by licensed applicators are still a threat to bees, beloved family pets and, most important, our children.



Gideon Forman



Executive Director Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

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