Fearmongering Online : Living next to plant nursery..exposure to pesticides

Hi everyone, I could use some input ASAP. My husband and I have been house hunting for about two months now. The housing market in SoCal is fierce right now. Home prices went up about 20 percent in December (the greatest increase in 6 years) there is low inventory right now which makes the competition really tough. Places get 5-10 offers the first day on the market and they are being bid up tens of thousands of dollars , at least in our price range. We have made like 9 offers (at asking price or above) and either get no response or a rejection. Anyway, to the point one of our offers was finally accepted but it is right next to a plant nursery (like its literally on the other side of the fence) honestly, we didn't even think about that when we made the offer. I just realized "crap they probably spray a ton of pesticides there". It is huge and it's not a "green" nursery or anything like that. I'm having serious doubts now. I was hoping our offer would be accepted on another place so we could get out of this but it wasn't. When we expressed that we might not really want this place our agent told us about how hard it was to get this place and how he had to bend over backwards, etc,etc. we still have 17 days to back out. I feel bad because the agent has spent a ton of time researching/writing offers but we are putting a huge amont down(60k). Dh says we should just go through with it and rent out the units which would net us a profit(it's a duplex and currently has tenants) but I don't know how I would feel about this. Any advice /input? How bad do you think the pesticide exposure would be and is it worth the risk?

via Living next to plant nursery..exposure to pesticides.