35-year-old trees removed from Kitchener street in ash borer battle

CTV Kitchener, March 1, 2013 6:28:00 PM

Residents of a Kitchener street who got an early start to the day returned home to a startling sight.

Several mature trees lining Vintage Crescent in south Kitchener were chopped down Friday.

It's part of the City of Kitchener's battle against the emerald ash borer, a tiny insect that burrows under the bark of ash trees and lays thousands of eggs, cutting off the tree's circulation.

Vintage Crescent was one of the first streets to be attacked by city crews, who are concentrating their work this year on the southeast part of the city, where ash borer infestations are at the most advanced stage.

Ron Jones lives in the area. He says there's another benefit to removing the 35-year-old trees.

"It'll be a lot lighter," he tells CTV.

"Some of the trees are very close to the light posts, so it gets real dark in the summertime."

City officials say 585 ash borer-infested trees will be taken out this year. With another 125 trees chemically treated, all ash trees in the neighbourhood will be dead within four years.

All trees chopped down on Vintage Crescent will be replaced.

via 35-year-old trees removed from Kitchener street in ash borer battle.