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Updated: February 26, 2013 4:12PM

I am writing to urge citizens to vote for Kim Stone in the upcoming election for Highland Park City Council.

I think she would be a terrific representative of our community. I have known Kim for years. Not only did we carpool, but Kim and I have worked closely together on several school programs and projects. I am voting for Kim for several reasons:

• Kim has great ideas that look toward the future of the community and in addition are eminently logical and doable. The “sharrows” on our city street that help cars and cyclists work together are partly her doing.

• I have always admired her passion for being environmentally conscientious. She hosts an organic cooperative at her house, and she’s worked for years to stop chemical pesticide spraying in HP parks and on school fields, since the pesticides would be damaging to our children’s’ health.

• She’s very level-headed and rational. This makes Kim easy to talk to but good in a debate — a skill needed for public service! It’s important for our community to be governed by quality people and I feel Kim Stone is worthy of our confidence and our vote

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Kim Stone Talk 100% Misinformation about the Health and Safety of EPA Approved Pesticides.  She talks about the Alternative options, that we already know require Emergency EXEMPTIONS 1 or 2 times a year so that EPA Approved Pesticides are used to correct the failed organic and alternative lawn options.