Youtube: Katrina Blair – Non 501c listed Charity – Looking for Donations – Save Durango Colorado Organic Parks

Only $100,000 dollars needed and Durango can Spread Compost Tea on their Lawns.  When weed thresholds exceed normal levels they come in with Synthetic Pesticides and claim it as Emergency Usage.


Katrin Blair has tried this once before and failed, but Chip Osborne suggested it and we know he is the MASTER ORGANIC LAWN GURU.  Even if he talks Bull CWAP.

This is a flashback of the 2009 Ontario Pesticide Ban and the Devastation that has followed.

Listening to all those Erroneous (#EDO) experts in the field of Health, Environment and Organic Alternatives.

Like  Dalton McGuinty, John Gerresten, RNAO, CCS, WWF, SIERRA CLUB, ECOJUSTICE, CELA, Sheila Basrur, Gideon Forman, CAPE, OCFP, Queens University, Cathy Vakil.


Turtle Lake Refuge Compost Tea Failure listed in TrackBack Below




Katrina Blair 2009 IRS 900EZ Tax Exemption Form – Borrows $18,000 Dollars from Rocky Mountain Retreat (Family Run Business) Tax Exempt Publically Supported Company.


Katrina Blair Paid to Direct Volunteers 2011 IRS Tax Exemption Form