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Irrigation and Turf Management background but no Pesticide License required.

2 simple steps to organic failure

1. cut the grass 2 times per week

2. irrigate the crap out of it (were talking 160 acres of watering)

All Turf Managers would aerate, overseed even on pesticide treated lawns.

Why would a place that prides itself on being Synthetic Pesticide and Synthetic Fertilizer free not have a root system on their lawns that require very little water input. remember the story about how grass roots grow deeper into the soil when your lawn is off lawn drugs.  How watering is not required, how the cool season lawn can avoid dormancy because of the root structure being so much better.

Conserve water is what they used to say, now the only way they can maintain the lawn and reduce some weeds is to water water water. aerate and pound the grass seed to the lawns 2 times a year.

Unlimited buget is the key to organic.  Forget sustainability its not in the equation any more.  Boulder Colorodo has documented the failed attempt at organic without irrigation in 2001.  (Beyond Pesticides) Rella Abernathy was behind the many failures costing tax payers more that a quarter million dollars on Chip Osborne's Bogus Experiments.  (Beyond Pesticides) Chip Osborne told them they would save money on watering with his organic approach.  This is far from the truth.  The GOATS will be next at Glenstone.  Then it will be back to applying Federally safe pesticides. 1-2 low cost applications a year and weed free.  No one will know, they can apply it at night.  Then take pictures of the perfectly manicured so called Organic Lawn.





Charles Osborne  is a professional turf consultant, working with municipalities             and  school districts in the Northeast to help them develop effective natural turf management  programs. A professional grower with more than thirty years of experience  in greenhouse and turf management, Mr. Osborne is the Chairman of the Town of Marblehead Recreation, Parks, and Forestry Commission  where he oversees the management of the Town’s school and municipal fields. [Which happen to include Synthetic Grass Fields under his direction]


The consistency of our cultural practices and turf management techniques has enabled Portland Parks and Recreation to manage, with the exception of a few acres in high profile ball fields, most of its general turf areas without any broadleaf herbicide use in the past 15 to 20 years,” asserts John Reed, Integrated Pest Management Program Coordinator and Botanic Specialist with Portland Parks and Recreation.3

The irrigation department hired Horticulturist Linda Corbett to monitor daily water use and annual cost, which totaled about $1.3 million last year.  The department irrigates more than 750 acres at 135 sites with automatic irrigation systems, and 400 acres at 50 sites that are managed by central control.


General Information


Job title:   Irrigation / Turf Tech
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Job location:   Potomac, MD  20854 United States
Requisition code:    
Date posted:   01/14/13
Job type:   Full-Time
Compensation:   $35,000-$40,000 with standard benefit package
Job Category: Spacer Image Irrigation
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Job Description

Job description:
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Irrigation/Turf Technician
Glenstone is a modern art museum set on 160 acres in Potomac, Md. Founded in 2006, the organization seeks seamlessly to blend its art, architecture and landscape for the inspiration and educational benefit of the citizens of Maryland and the world.
As an organization that strives for excellence and value in its every endeavor, Glenstone seeks only highly qualified candidates with the keenest sense of personal motivation, attention to detail, organizational skills and professionalism.






















The Irrigation/Turf Technician will work with landscape architects, contractors, irrigation specialists and staff to oversee water management of thousands of newly purchased trees and shrubs, in addition to hundreds of transplanted trees, as well as meadows, turf, understory plantings and art features.

• Solid time management, organization and prioritization skills
• Ability to create reports to support water use
• Responsible for all irrigation operations on property for turf, trees, bedding and understory plants and art work
• Knowledge of tools, methods and materials in an all-organic grounds maintenance program
• Identify, diagnose and make recommendations in regards to turf health within the organically managed system
• Install/troubleshoot controllers, valves, heads and drip systems
• Working knowledge of pumps, valves and controllers
• Grade and prepare soil for seed or sod
• Occasionally supervise a small labor force for special projects
• Perform other duties as required by immediate supervisor, the grounds superintendent and/or assistant

• Prefer Rainbird irrigation experience
• Ability to work under pressure
• Familiar with safe operation of mowers, equipment, tools and products unique to the trade
• Able to work weekends and holidays when needed
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills

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Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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Desired candidates should have a 2- or 4-year degree in Turf Management or related field. Candidates with an extensive irrigation background without a Turf Management degree will also be considered.






















• 2 years related experience
• Experience with a Rainbird irrigation program
• Possession of a valid driver’s license
• Ability to physically lift 75 pounds

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