Selina Robinson – Coquitlam BC Councillor – Ignorant Cancer Victim Bad Mouths Maker of life saving Drug ‘Gleevec’ – SYNGENTA – Pesticide Manufacturer

Intestinal Cancer Victim Selina Robinson has been a thorne in the behind to may people in the Green Space Industry.
Her Husband and her have used their combined efforts to dismiss the safety of Lawn Pesticides, as well as find an answer to Selina’s bout with cancer. So they decided to blame Lawn Pesticides, with no conclusive evidence at all.  Dan Robinson using his own proof : University Degree Required Thesis 1995 – Pesticide Exposure in Tree Planters

Given that we don’t always know what causes some cancers (including my own [Selina Robinson]) – I think it’s important that we don’t expose ourselves to unnecessary risks, like exposing ourselves to cosmetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
We have enough evidence to know that pesticide exposure may cause some cancers. Given that we use these potentially harmful products for cosmetic purposes, there is no sufficient reason to expose ourselves, our neighbours and our children to their toxic effects.
My “one thing” has been to champion a cosmetic pesticide ban in Coquitlam where I am a City Councillor. I started the process shortly after getting elected in 2008 and successfully implemented a local ban in 2011. It took three years of engaging the community and educating my colleagues on Council in order to bring the cosmetic pesticide ban to fruition. But the work is not yet done. A province-wide ban on the sale of these products will achieve better compliance and better results.


Would it be fair to use Selina Robinson as an example of ignorance and outright stupidity and stop supplying her with Gleevec, made by the same manufacturer of Lawn Pesticides?

Would it be stooping to Selinas Level regarding Health Canada Approved Pesticides and Drugs by asking Syngenta, please stop supplying Selina Robinson with your products. She must know of a less toxic and more holistic approach allowing her to exist in this world today.

According to the Uninformed Environmental Activists, these huge corporations,  like Syngenta, don’t care about people.

Yet along with Health Canada funding these drugs for FREE, They [Syngenta] seem to care about the 1 councillor that walks around with her foot in her mouth on a daily basis.

No need to thank Syngenta or Health Canada Selina, you are more deserving that the rest of the population.  We can see that.




Listen To SELINA ROBINSON Misinformation HERE:
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Selina’s Amazing Journey

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Normally I post about stuff related to theCity of Coquitlam and in particular,Council business. So given that at lastnight’s meeting Councillor Nicholson and the rest of Council presented me withyellow roses (because daffodils w ere out of season) for successfully completingthe 2011 Ride to Conquer Cancer, Ithought I could use this space to talk about the ride and what it means to meto participate on this two day journey.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of intestinal cancer five years ago that resulted in the surgical removal of part ofmy small intestine and various other sundry pieces of my innards where it appeared to have spread. Thankfully,with the advent of newer targetted chemotherapies my daily dose of Gleevec permits me to lead a full life and to keep any metasteses from developing.

It is these new discoveries that arekeeping more of us survivors livinglonger, normal lives in spite of cancerand the BC Ride to ConquerCancer raises funds that fuels thisreseach. Taking on the commitment toraise funds and to train in order tocomplete a 250 km bike ride fromVancouver to Seattle is about pushingthe limits both on the cancer researchfront and on our bodies. For me, it’sabout telling my body that I am able todo this ride in spite of cancer


This document including the GLEEVEC* Prescribing Information and Patient Information can be found on Novartis’ Website (

Is it safe to use the herbicide 2,4-D on my lawn?

Following extensive consultation and scientific review using the most current scientific methods, Health Canada has determined that 2,4-D meets Canada’s strict health and safety standards, and as such can be used safely when label directions are followed. Health Canada’s review concurs with the findings of regulators in other OECD countries, including the United States, European Union, New Zealand and the World Health Organization.


Health Canada Facts on Safe Lawn Pesticides – 2,4-D