Maryse Lepage : Ottawa – Elizabeth Fry Society Board Member shows Incompetence regarding Healthy Lawns & PUBLIC SAFETY

By Maryse Lepage, Ottawa Citizen August 16, 2012

Re: Pesticide-use restrictions also damage sports fields, Aug. 11.

Who would benefit from easing restrictions on the use of pesticides?

It seems to me that patches of dry turf are a very small price to pay for a healthier, well integrated and sustainable urban environment. I have a tip for green lawn lovers as grass turf perishes in the summer heat: experiment with different ground cover. For example, white clover has many benefits: less frequent mowing required, a soft green carpet with beautiful small white flowers though the summer and a much higher resistance to drought. Having started to seed our lawn with white clover over the past three to four years, my husband and I are rewarded with a much nicer and drought resistant yard this year.

In taking a long-term view and seriously considering long-standing research (not funded by organizations such as Croplife and its members) there is simply no valid argument for relaxing regulation around pesticide use in Ottawa. If anything needs to be done, it is taking a much stronger stance against pesticide use everywhere.

— Maryse Lepage, Ottawa

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