Youtube: Tom Hedderson – Newfoundland Transportation Minister – Picloram and 2,4-D is SAFE

Blueberries sprayed on the roadside with Tordon 101 are perfectly safe to eat, in one end and out the other.

No Health Risk at all.



No Municipality or Province has properly (publically) addressed the Green Alternative Products on the market, as a replacement, as of yet. 

They talk about them as an alternative, but the sad reality is, they do not work and are not cost effective.

The most popular herbicide in Ontario being used off label (illegally) is ROUNDUP. 

Glyphosate (ROUNDUP) is available upon request at any garden or building center. 

Why would you buy ROUNDUP for a small patio or driveway when you can use the alternative green products to rid the cracks of weeds.

The answer is : The Alternative products work as good as hand picking or pouring boiling water on the weeds.  2 weeks later the weed are back.

Municipalities are controlling weeds with gas powered lawn mowers and weed whacking machines, even along curbs and sidewalks.  2 weeks later the weeds are back.

Glyphosate was found at as high concentrations in stream water quailty studies done by the Ontario MOE in 2008-09.  Yet they only state  2,4-D and Imidacloprid levels dropped dramaticlly since the ban.  Nothing about Glyphosate levels are talked about.

What are the urban stream water quality studies revealing now??

Why is the Ministry or the Environmentalists comfortable with High Glyphosate levels in local Streams and Rivers but not other Herbicides like 2,4-D or Imidacloprid?

Side Note: When discussing High Levels in the comments above, the High Levels Organizations like Gideon Forman (CAPE) or the Canadian Cancer Society reference are actually Levels well below any Government Water Quality Guidelines, Parts per Billion ranges, barely detectable.

Glyphosate is being used more extensively in 2012 than before the Ontario Pesticide Ban 2009.

Why do they still sell ROUNDUP? – The Province claims its for Health and Safety Reasons. Poison Ivy, Giant Hogweed poisonous to the touch plants.

Why can't we use Green Alternative Pesticides for Poison Ivy? Try it, the Green Alternative Products do not work. Glyphosate is a systemic product, it kills the root too. It doesn't just burn off the top of the plant like the Alternatives do.

Does The Ontario Ministry of the Environment see Glyphosate a Low Risk Product?  Lets add it to the safe products list then and stop fooling ourselves with Ammonium Soaps of Fatty Acids, Chlorine and Vinegar Based Products that act as a chemical lawn mowing aid at best (top kill only, regrowth within 2 weeks).

 Ony 8 to 10 applications a year of the new Green Alternative Products and you can have a weed free patio.

If we stop supporting Extremist Charitable Organizations (CAPE,Canadian Cancer Society) that are funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation we can redirect all that wasted money (millions of dollars) towards sustainable and most importantly scientific medical reasearch programs. The cure for cancer could have been found by now, don't you think?