Cottam Ghost-Writers Are Highly Offended – Leading Authorities Validate The Concept That Pesticides Are Scientifically Safe – 2012 07 31






Poor Lil’ Cottam Ghost-Writer Is Highly Offended




The application of pesticides on farmland and golf courses doesn't justify the overturning of Ontario's ban on cosmetic use of pesticides.  [ ?!?! ]


Despite Quebec’s telling Agro Sciences that 2,4-D is non-toxic, so as to avoid a lawsuit, this herbicide remains banned in Quebec.  [ WRONG ! ]


Pesticide promoters do not have a monopoly on credible science, while their concept of "nanny state", is HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.  [ ?!?! ]


A democratic state is expected to protect the well-being of its citizens.


The exposures to toxic chemicals in the crowded urban environment are unacceptable to a majority in Ontario.  [ ?!?! ]


 It is high time the concept of "second-hand pesticides" be well understood and promoted.  [ ?!?! ]


When a suburban dweller sprays pesticides on his lawn, they penetrate the bodies of neighbours, including young children, as well as contributing to the poisoning of the common air and water.  [ WRONG ! ]


The gambling philosophy of pesticide promoters is both highly harmful and unconvincing.  [ ?!?! ]



July 31st, 2012


K. Jean Cottam, PhD, Ottawa


Letter to the Editor


The London Free Press











According to the Government of Quebec, pest control products like 2,4-D are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE.  According to Anti-Pesticide Activists like Cottam Ghost-Writers, Quebec’s position was somehow coerced in order to avoid a lawsuit.  Cottam Ghost-Writers are WRONG !  The Province of Quebec is NOT THE ONLY LEADING AUTHORITY that has publicly stated that, or has validated the concept that, in one form or another, pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE.  The following educational, regulatory, research, scientific, and trade agencies have CONCLUSIVELY SUPPORTED or VALIDATED the concept that pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE   ●   American Chemical Society   ●   American Council for Science and Health   ●   American Cancer Society   ●   British Columbia’s Special Committee On Cosmetic Pesticides   ●   Canadian Medical Association   ●   CropLife Canada   ●   Environment Alberta  ―  Government of Alberta   ●   Government of Quebec   ●   Health Canada   ●   Institute of Public Affairs   ●   International Agency for Research on Cancer   ●   Ontario Pesticides Advisory Committee   ●   The Fraser Institute   ●   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency   ●   World Health Organization.


The name Cottam is merely used as a SHIELD for Anti-Pesticide Activists.  Cottam is part of a group of GHOST-WRITERS who are listed among CANADA’S PROMINENT ANTI-PESTICIDE ACTIVISTS.  They have been PRINCIPAL ARCHITECTS in the CONSPIRACY TO PROHIBIT pest control products used in the Urban Landscape.   Their ANTI-PESTICIDE ACTS OF SUBVERSION have EXTENSIVELY DAMAGED the Professional Lawn Care Industry.     Are we to believe that an assessment from an ANONYMOUS group of Ghost-Writers is somehow worth more than Health Canada ?!?!