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If any of what you read below was true ask yourself this simple question.

Why would the KING of ORGANIC LAWN CARE Chip Osborne or The QUEEN of Turf and PESTICIDE BANS Pam Charbonneau both have Million Dollar Synthetic Turfs installed at their home town sports fields if Organic was the answer?

Verona officials consider organic lawn care






Saturday July 21, 2012, 10:22 PM

Verona-Cedar Grove Times


After Verona residents expressed concern about chemical pesticides used on fields that host children's sports, township officials began investigating organic options.

Verona's Everett Field




Verona's Everett Field

On Monday evening, Michael Kolenut of Lincoln Landscaping, based in Franklin Lakes, visited the Verona Township Council meeting to discuss such options. His company uses manure and other natural products, which are said not to smell, to make grass roots grow one foot deep. As such, organically-treated fields stand up better to wear and tear than chemically treated ones, he argued.

In touring Everett Field, Kolenut noticed that there was not one wormhole in the soil and there should be thousands to help aerate the field – causing fewer weeds to grow, as weeds thrive in compacted soil, he explained.

After one year of organic treatment, fields begin to thrive naturally. While natural treatment is 20 percent more expensive than chemical treatment in the first year, after that, the price is 50 percent cheaper, Kolenut said. Also, naturally treated fields require half the watering of chemically treated ones, he said.

Should Verona officials pursue a contract with an organic lawn care company, they will do so for all fields in town, including those on school property, Township Manager Joseph Martin said.

Verona Environmental Commission Chairman Gerard Shimonaski urged the township council "to step up" and go green, as children are especially prone to the ill effects of chemicals. "Please make the right decision and make our fields pesticide free," Shimonaski said.


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