Letter to the Editor : Florence Stratton – Illiterate English Teacher?? – Pesticide Stance Odd

We at Pesticide Truths don't understand how an English Professor has trouble comprehending information provided by our own Health Regulatory Agency regarding the Safety of Pesticides.

Have you followed the trail (growing body) of information provided by the Canadian Cancer Society, or do you just take their word for it?

They are not providing any information that is factual.  Unless you are saying that HEALTH CANADA is lying to us?  There is a conspiracy going on, you must be thinking.

Please leave the facts on Pesticide Safety up to the experts at Health Canada and stop donating to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

There is a good chance when you hit your 70s that you will develop cancer like many others do in Canada.  This is the time you will realize that the Canadian Cancer Society does not even play a part in your Cancer Treatment Program provided for free by the Provincial Government. Unless you need a ride to the hospital in a volunteers personal vehicle.

The ones to thank are the actual suppliers of the Cancer Treatment products, The (Amgen) Victory Program is one which provides Neupogen (a $200 per ml White Blood Cell Stimulator) for free.  They are reimburse by the Trillium Fund for example in Ontario.  Trillium is funded by the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation.

Trillium Fund provides Grant Money to Charitable Organizations in Ontario.

The Victory Program receives funding and uses a portion of this money to provide a product that directly benefits the recipient, using the latest technology and science based research Amgen is able to help people with Cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society or Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) or Prevent Cancer Now, etc…

These groups take available grant money, $2,000,000 dollars at a time from the Trillium Fund, money that could be used to provide more medicines for example, are used to pay the top 5 employees in the Charitable Organization.  They they spend the rest of the money on Newspaper Advertisements in the local paper claiming Pesticides are Dangerous.  Scientific Literature Reviews are even funded by these groups,  Literature Reviews that are Dismissed as BAD SCIENCE by Health Canada and several leading Countries.

These groups are financing themselves and providing ZERO results.

They do not even have proof that their efforts have benefited Health or the Environment.

Its just a feel good thing they are doing, while cashing in on the free money, Our money.


Letter to the Editor: Pesticide stance odd

July 9, 2012 12:29 PM

It doesn't make sense. The members of the City of Regina's environment advisory committee had done their homework before their June 28 meeting on pesticides.

Even before listening to the many delegations urging the committee to recommend a ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides in Regina, they were aware of the position of the Canadian Cancer Society on the matter: "Research linking pesticides to serious health issues is significant and growing. Leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, breast, brain, prostate, lung, pancreatic, stomach, kidney and other forms of cancer have all been linked to pesticides." (From the website of the Canadian Cancer Society).

Yet the committee decided against recommending a city-wide pesticide ban. Why? If the Canadian Cancer Society declares there is a link between pesticides and cancer, then it seems to me the City of Regina is obligated to ban the use of pesticides. To do otherwise is grossly irresponsible.

Of 16 delegations appearing before the committee. nine supported a ban, while seven opposed it. All those in the latter group were linked to the pesticide industry. Why would the committee take the word of the pesticide industry over that of the Canadian Cancer Society?

By not recommending a city-wide ban on pesticide use, the environment advisory committee sacrificed human health to pesticide industry profits.

Florence Stratton, Regina

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