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Letter writer’s disdain evident

I recently read Jean Cottam’s letter to the editor “Tips for tackling dandelion”(Tribune, June 21).
I won’t dispute her general tips. However, I question why she is continually allowed to slam the lawn care industry with statements such as: “It is obvious that 2,4-D is seldom used according to the instructions.”
What proof does she have that products were ever over-applied; is she a licensed pesticide applicator, has she completed studies with the Quebec government and Health Canada?
I have worked in the lawn care industry for 20 years and I am a graduate of U of G’s Ontario Agricultural College, a parent and a homeowner in Guelph.
The provincial government has made the decision to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. As an industry, we responded by seeking approved alternatives such as Corn Gluten, Fiesta (Iron Chelate) and horticulture vinegars to control weeds.
We provide a valuable service to home owners, enhancing their living environment and maintaining a healthy ground cover. The statements that she makes are not based on facts and continue to give the green industry a black eye.
Cottam is clearly an activist with a hatred for the lawn care and no respect for homeowners’ rights.
Doug Hubble


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