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MLA Rob Flemming walks out of room during Keith Solomon Presentation.

No surprise NDP were opposed to pesticides

In response to Coun. Donovan Cavers, I am well aware the B.C. committee on cosmetic pesticides did not have a consensus but the majority of members agreed there was not sufficient scientific evidence to ban the use of cosmetic pesticides in B.C. That is how a democracy works, majority rules.

Am I surprised the NDP were opposed? Not in the least, as a provincewide pesticide ban is one of their election platforms. I was surprised, however, with one of the members’ complete disregard for the process. A colleague and I made a presentation to the committee on behalf the IEMPA of Western Canada and its members of certified pesticide applicators.

As a presenter, I was fortunate to sit in on other presentations that day, one of which was by Dr. Keith Solomon, a world-renowned toxicologist and expert on pesticides and their effects on human health and the environment.

You can only imagine my surprise when NDP environment critic Rob Fleming got up a few short minutes into Dr. Solomon’s presentation and left, only to return at the end of the presentation. So, am I surprised there was not a “consensus” or “unanimous” findings between committee members? Not in the least.

The NDP had a political agenda to ban cosmetic pesticides regardless of the facts presented at those hearings.

Yes, precautionary measures are taken as they are with many household products or everyday consumer goods that have labels advising proper use. Will you be calling for a ban on all these products as well? Sign posting is a City of Kamloops requirement. Fertilizer is applied to our clients’ lawns, so yes, we do leave after care instructions for the homeowner.

The fact is, there is not a pesticide registered in Canada that causes cancer or has any links to cancer. It is the job of Health Canada’s PMRA and its 350 qualified scientists to ensure their safety before they can be registered for use.

The PMRA looks at all the data, not only a few specifically selected epidemiological studies as the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment did. For an example, over 40,000 studies have be done on 2,4-D alone. I would welcome a list of the many, many effective, non-toxic alternatives Coun. Cavers refers to.

Keep in mind all pesticides sold in Canada must go through the same regulatory process. It is odd how Coun. Cavers trusts the PMRA on the safety of the alternative products but not on the conventional ones, as they all must go through the same scrutiny.

Unless, of course, he is referring to alternatives that do not have a PCP number but I’m sure with his expertise on the issue he is aware that would be illegal.


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