Ontario Pesticide Ban – Amending Ontario Prohibition – Ted Chudleigh – Jim Steeves – 2012 05 18





Everyone in the Green Space Industry  ―  no matter where they live  ―  must meet with their Member of Provincial Parliament ( MPP ), regardless of party affiliation.


In order to meet and inform the MPP, you must donate the maximum amount to the party, which is 1,240 dollars in Ontario.


This cost of this donation is insignificant when compared to the catastrophic business losses inflicted by anti-pesticide prohibition.


Any business owner in the Green Space Industry who does not bother to meet with the local MPP is a pitiful fool and an idiot, and does not deserve a career, or a business, or any success.





On May 9th, 2012, Ted Chudleigh, a Member of Provincial Parliament, introduced Bill 88, Pesticides Amendment Act ( Licence for Cosmetic Purposes ), which will amend the Ontario prohibition against pest control products used in the Urban Landscape.






Elected Official Seeks




to Ontario Pesticide Ban






Amendment to Pesticide Ban



A Member of Provincial Parliament seeks an AMENDMENT TO THE ONTARIO PESTICIDE BAN.


Through a private member’s Bill, Ted Chudleigh is looking to SOFTEN THE RULES AROUND PESTICIDE USE in Ontario.


On May 9th, 2012, the Halton Member of Provincial Parliament introduced the Pesticides Amendment Act, which aims to AMEND THE BAN ON PESTICIDES initiated by the Liberal government.


The Bill will be debated in the House of Commons.


Pesticide use for cosmetic reasons ( exempting golf courses, the agricultural and forestry industries ) in Ontario was PROHIBITED on Earth Day 2009 after so-called « medical experts », including the Canadian Cancer Society and Ontario College of Family Physicians, lobbied to reduce exposure to pesticides  —  under the PRETEXT OF PROTECTING CHILDREN who are ALLEGEDLY more susceptible to exposure.




Canadian Cancer Society  ―  Subversive, Contemptible, and Radical



It is DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE ANYONE who is affiliated with Canadian Cancer Society, an organization that is UNABLE TO BE HONEST about the fact that pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE and CAUSE NO HARM. 


Cancer-Activists also have a HUGE VESTED INTEREST IN PERPETUATING IMAGINARY DANGER about these products. 


The primary MANDATE of Cancer-Activists has NOTHING TO DO with health or the environment  ―  it has everything to do with BUSINESS, CASH-FLOW, DONATIONS, GOVERNMENT GRANTS, MEMBERSHIP, and PROFIT.


Moreover, not a single Cancer-Activist has ANY training, expertise, or education in matters concerning pest control products.


Because of SUBVERSIVE Anti-Pesticide CONSPIRACIES by Canadian Cancer Society, EXTENSIVE DAMAGES in the Province of Ontario alone reached 500,000,000 DOLLARS, with up to almost 800 BUSINESS FAILURES and BANKRUPTCIES, and UP TO 12,500 UNEMPLOYED.




Ontario College Of Family Physicians  ―  Discredited, Radical, and Scientifically Ignorant Mad Scientists Who Were Lazy & Stupid



Ontario College of Family Physicians ( OCFP ) is a DISCREDITED RADICAL Anti-Pesticide Organization that is INDIRECTLY OPERATED as a PUBLIC INFORMATION SHIELD by Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.


In 2004, OCFP CONCOCTED an Anti-Pesticide Literature Review.


OCFP DID NOT conduct a serious scientific study  …  it conducted a mere Literature Review, and could only use those reports found in the OPEN PUBLIC LITERATURE.


OCFP was NOT even in « The Information Loop » on issues regarding pest control products, and did not avail itself to the EXTENSIVE TOXICOLOGY DATABASE that is available from Health Canada.


OCFP never even bothered to request to look at the TOXICOLOGY DATBASE through a process that Health Canada refers to as The Reading Room.


The authors and reviewers of the BOGUS-OCFP-Review were not only SCIENTIFICALLY IGNORANT, they were LAZY and STUPID.




Scientifically Safe



MPP Ted Chudleigh said, if applied properly, PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS ARE SAFE.


Health Canada has APPROVED all of these pesticides  …  the problem we have is individuals who sometimes don’t know how to mix them in the right proportions and you may apply something that’s too strong and it gets washed into our sewers and water.




Chudleigh would like to see the Pesticides Act AMENDED by allowing Ontarians to hire LICENSED OPERATORS to apply pest control products.


According to Chudleigh  ―




They should be able to use pesticides if they want to spray their grass for ragweed, for example.


Chudleigh added that those who don’t want to use pest control products have that choice.


However, Anti-Pesticide Enviro-Lunatic Jim Steeves ALLEGES that individuals can’t control pest control products that are somehow washed into the water system or blown onto their properties by the wind.


Steeves is WRONG !


Steeves operates Pesticides Alternatives For Milton, a little club composed of SUBVERSIVE RADICALS who CONSPIRED to PROHIBIT pest control products in the Town of Milton, which is located in Chudleigh’s riding.




Pest Control Products and the Myth About Water



Pest control products used in the Urban Landscape DO NOT enter our lakes and rivers through surface run-off and storm sewers


Non-Expert Anti-Pesticide Activists ALLEGE that the PROHIBITION of pest control products in the Urban Landscape will somehow lead to lower concentrations of herbicide in our stream water.


This is WRONG !


It is a MYTH to believe that ANY PROHIBITION protects our stream water.






Enviro-Lunatic Comforted by PROHIBITION



According to Anti-Pesticide Enviro-Lunatic Jim Steeves  ―


I’m comfortable with the legislation as it exists. [ ?!?! ]


An example of why the pesticide ban is working is the animal life. [ ?!?! ]


There are a lot more butterflies and bird life, rabbits, and worms. [ WRONG ! ]


These are all animals that are coming back. [ WRONG ! ]


There are neurological concerns with this stuff. [ WRONG ! ]


Steeves said there are plenty of organic solutions that could be used to deal with weeds and pests. [ WRONG ! ]




Pesticides Alternatives For Milton and Miltongreen



Pesticide Alternatives For Milton is a small club located in Milton, Ontario, that is operated as an Anti-Pesticide and Environmental-Terrorist Organization.


Pesticides Alternatives For Milton is actually just a little club composed of SUBVERSIVE RADICALS who CONSPIRED TO PROHIBIT pest control products in the Town of Milton.


On January 25th, 2009, Pesticide Alternatives For Milton was DISSOLVED and became known as Miltongreen.


Both Terrorist Organizations are operated by the same Enviro-Lunatic Leader, Jim Steeves.


Steeves continues to DECEIVE PUBLIC by using the names of BOTH organizations, despite the fact that they are DEFUNCT.


This is done to give the public the FALSE and FRAUDULENT IMPRESSION that Anti-Pesticide and Enviro-Lunatic Activists have considerable size and power, when, in fact, they do not. 


Pesticide Alternatives For Milton is/was actually comprised of just a few dozen Anti-Pesticide-Lunatics.


According to its web-site  ―


We feel strongly that the evidence provided by many professional organizations including the Ontario College of Family Physicians warrants discontinuing the of use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes. [ ?!?! ]


We are a non-profit group of concerned citizens dedicated to ending the unnecessary use of pesticides purely for cosmetic purposes. [ ?!?! ]




Ted Chudleigh, MPP ( Halton )



Current Parliamentary Roles


Vice-Chair, Standing Committee on Social Policy

Critic, Tourism and Culture




Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

( the official opposition party )


Contact Information


Queen’s Park         


Room 416

Main Legislative Building

Queen’s Park

Toronto, Ontario

M7A 1A8

Tel        416-325-5747

Fax        416-325-5750




Unit 1

172 Mill Street

Milton, Ontario

L9T 1S2

Tel        905-878-1729

Fax        905-878-5144

E-Mail   ted.chudleigh@pc.ola.org




Ted Chudleigh Takes More Responsible Approach On Pesticide Use



May 8th, 2012

Media Release

Selected and Adapted Excerpts



Tomorrow, Halton MPP Ted Chudleigh will introduce his Private Members Bill, Pesticides Amendment Act ( Licence for Cosmetic Purposes ), 2012, which will AMEND THE LIBERAL BAN ON PESTICIDES.


The Bill will AMEND the Pesticides Act by allowing individuals to hire a LICENCED operator to apply pesticides to their lawns and gardens to kill noxious weeds and pests.


According to Chudleigh  ―


There are SERIOUS FLAWS with the Liberal BAN on pesticide use.


Instead of ensuring pesticides are properly applied, the ban risks creating an UNMONITORED BLACK MARKET which is a GREATER THREAT TO OUR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH because of the unprofessional and improper application of pesticides.


The Pest Management Regulatory Agency ( PMRA ) of Health Canada undertakes rigorous testing before approving a pesticide for use in Canada.


The system I am proposing ACCEPTS THE SCIENCE behind these tests, and uses the existing licencing framework under the Pesticides Act to ensure that pesticides are applied properly and are not a threat to our health or environment.


While banning the use of pesticides for non-essential purposes, the Pesticides Act EXEMPTS golf courses, the agriculture industry and the forestry industry from the ban.


The existing exemptions will not be affected by Chudleigh’s Bill.


According to Chudleigh  ―


The Liberals started with a sound bite and tried to build a policy around it.


A pesticide ban may sound nice and deliver a good photo-op but dictating can have THE OPPOSITE AND MORE HARMFUL EFFECT than one intends.


I’m afraid that this is the case with the Liberal pesticide ban.


My Bill takes THE MORE RESPONSIBLE AND SAFER APPROACH to pesticides approved by Health Canada.


Those who choose not to use pesticides are free to make that choice.


However, those who wish to use pesticides, perhaps for hay fever or other allergies, will now be able to do so in a SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER that does not negatively affect our environment or health.




Ontario  ―  Living In Environmental Infamy



On April 22nd, 2009, the Government of Ontario ARBITRARILY IMPOSED the NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS PROHIBITION against pest control products used by the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry.


This NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS PROHIBITION led to the DESTRUCTION of the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry.


An Exception Status was provided to industries like golf, sports fields, specialty turf, forestry, and agriculture.


These industries employed THE VERY SAME pest control products otherwise PROHIBITED for the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry.


The legislation was implemented despite the fact that the PROHIBITED pest control products were still HEALTH-CANADA-APPROVED, FEDERALLY-LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE, PRACTICALLY-NON-TOXIC, and CAUSE NO HARM.


Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION ignored the federal regulatory system and dictated aesthetics to the public.


Moreover, there were serious issues with the Ontario Minister of the Environment, John Gerretsen, who was responsible for implementing PROHIBITION. 


Gerretsen was INDISCREET with his CLOSE PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS with RADICAL and SUBVERSIVE Anti-Pesticide Activists.


PROHIBITION led to HORRENDOUS and CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE for businesses operating in the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry, in the form of IMMENSE LOSSES OF REVENUES, BUSINESS FAILURES, BANKRUPTCY, and UNEMPLOYMENT, and even HORRIFIC FINES.


Because of Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION, the owners, employees, and families dependent on Professional Lawn Care businesses have faced TERROR, DESPAIR, and DESTITUTION.


Because of PROHIBITION in ONTARIO, the Professional Lawn Care Industry LOST OVER 500,000,000 DOLLARS, with UP TO 12,500 UNEMPLOYED.




Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION was READILY IMPLEMENTED because of the TREACHEROUS SUPPORT of the following organizations  ―


x   Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation


x   Guelph Turfgrass Institute ( University of Guelph )


x   LandsCAPE Ontario ( a.k.a. Ontario Horticultural Trades Association )


These organizations CONSPIRED to IMPOSE the PROHIBITION of pest control products used in the Urban Landscape.


Moreover, the TREACHERY of these organizations has allowed Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION to finally SPREAD NATIONALLY, and even INTERNATIONALLY, for ALL pest control products.


LandsCAPE Ontario is an Anti-Pesticide Trade Association that CONSPIRED to ANNIHILATE the Modern Professional Lawn Care Industry by SUPPORTING the NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS PROHIBITION of pest control products.


TWO YEARS after Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION in Ontario, surveys prove that LandsCAPE Ontario was WRONG !


LandsCAPE Ontario is trade organization controlled by the Weed Man and Nutri-Lawn franchises.





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