Audio: Pam Charbonneau – Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Results – Replace Lawns every 5 years. The Non Sustainable Green Movement



3 year Pesticide Ban Results: Significant Grub Damage last fall and this spring.  Lawn Care firms go to split shifts for nematode applications, early A.m. application, park the truck and apply again in the evening.  Cost effective before ban, Cost Prohibitive Practice now. 

Low Cost, Cost Effective control with pesticides (2,4-D , Roundup, Imidacloprid)  to Potentially Cost Prohibitive, High Cost Practice.(Fiesta for Dandelion, Nematodes for Grubs, nothing for Driveway/Patio Weeds)

Lawns and Sports Turfs: Short Lived Perennials Systems,  Every 5-7 years re renovated and re graded to solve persistent pest and traffic problems

Field quality is visibly declining for medium to small municipalities, not able to fund and staff 5-7 year plan.

Decrease in Landscape Exterminators immediately following the Ontario 2009 pesticide ban.

Increase in cultural practices (hand weeding)