Maintenance of Indoor Plants – Art C. Drysdale – 2012 02 18



Expert Celebrity Horticulturist Art C. Drysdale
Talks About Air-Cleaning Plants, Cast-Iron
Plant, Indoor Plant Difficulties, New House
Plants, and Winter Home Humidity


Indoor Plants  ―  Air-Cleaning Plants  ―  Part 1


Indoor Plants  ―  Air-Cleaning Plants  ―  Part 2  ―  University of Guelph


Indoor Plants  ―  Air-Cleaning Plants  ―  Part 3  ―  Lighting


Indoor Plants  ―  Cast Iron Plant  ―  Description & Availability


Indoor Plants  ―  Indoor Plant Difficulties


Indoor Plants  ―  More Newer House Plants  ―  Thailand


Indoor Plants  ―  New Flowering Houseplants


Indoor Plants  ―  Winter  ―  Home Humidity


Mr. Art C. Drysdale is one of Canada’s best-known horticulturists. 

Mr. Drysdale is best known for his syndicated radio show and commercials for the Garden Claw.

For the past four decades, he has been writing, and presenting radio and television broadcasts, with PRACTICAL GAR-DENING HINTS on stations such as CFRB, AM740 and CFCA. 

His radio GARDENING VIGNETTES are heard throughout South-Western Ontario over two radio stations  ―

●   Easy 101 FM out of Tillsonburg at 2:00 PM weekdays

●   CD98.9 FM out of Norfolk County at 11:40 AM weekdays

Mr. Drysdale also presented all of Cana-da’s Weather Network GARDENING VIGNETTES, hourly from April to October annually for a decade.

He was the spokesman for the Garden Claw across the country. 

As a speaker, Mr. Drysdale has addressed amateur and professional groups all across Canada, as well as in the United States, England, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, and aboard cruise ships.


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