Canadian Cancer Society – NO Link Between Pesticides & Cancer – Why Promote Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION ? – 2012 02 16



Anti-Pesticide Activists want
MORE MONEY for lying terrorizing !


Canadian Cancer Society has spent thousands and possibly millions of donor dollars on anti-pesticide information and advocacy.

Canadian Cancer Society’s own web-site states that scientific research does NOT provide a conclusive link between pesticides and human cancer.

Charity Intelligence recommends that donors should ask why Canadian Cancer Society is spending money on an anti-pesticide campaign if THERE IS NO PROVEN LINK BETWEEN PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS AND CANCER.

Charity Intelligence suggests that Canadian Cancer Society figure out that there is an actual link before demanding Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION.

If there is NO scientific connection, why would one of Canada’s largest charities use donor dollars to promote Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION ?

In 2010 – 2011, Canadian Cancer Society spent 41 million dollars on activities related to cancer prevention, information and advocacy, and spent 49 million dollars on cancer research.

While Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION in the Urban Landscape does not restrict the agricultural use of herbicides and insecticides, GROWERS ARE WORRIED THAT WEEDS WILL SPREAD FROM MUNICIPAL PROPERTY TO FARMLAND.

There is the concern that Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION will HARDEN PUBLIC SENTIMENT AGAINST ALL PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS, including those used in Agriculture.


Anti-Pesticide-Basterds DO NOT DESERVE ANY Tax Exempt Money.


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