Exposed: Peter Johnston – Green Party of Canada – Dying of NH-Lymphoma because of Pesticide Use

This guy is a lying sack of CWAP.  Show us the medical records proving those claims.

How long does he think he will live for, 20 years with NHL and he may die one day?

I guess living to 100 is out of the question because of those dam pesticides.

The Government paid for his Cancer Treatment, but the government is also out to poison him.  Go figure….

Fearmongering Green Party of Alberta Canada.




Pesticide ignorance


By Peter Johnston, Edmonton JournalFebruary 16, 2012 3:13 AM



Re: "Council declines pesticide ban," The Journal, Feb. 7.

I have been suffering from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for more than two decades. Eventually, it may well kill me.

The medical experts who examined my case unanimously believe I acquired the disease from exposure to weed killers during my employment in forestry – the same chemicals that the city's parks department, lawn companies and amateur gardeners use in our city.

I am appalled that city councillors display such ignorance of the consequences of the unnecessary use of these poisons.

Peter Johnston, Edmonton




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Peter Johnston



When Peter Johnston was growing up in the UK he yearned for the opportunity to experience the wilderness. As a child, when he played cowboys and Indians, he always took the part of the Indian, intuitively understanding that the natives lived in relative harmony with nature. In 1967 the opportunity presented itself for him to visit Expo in Montreal, where he eventually stayed for the next 42 years.

Most of his time in Canada has been spent in BC, where the mountains, rivers and lakes quench his thirst for nature in the raw. At first, Peter worked on pipeline construction, but soon, he and his friends organised a tree planting Coop and over the course of 12 year, planted close to 500,000 trees.

During this time he also indulged in his passion for sailing and kayaking, spending many months exploring the magnificent BC coast. He was also fortunate to fall in with a film crew one summer filming Orcas – Killer Wales.

In the eighties, having started a family, he needed a full time career so he started working as a self-employed flooring installer in the West Kootenays. Working as a journeyman has the advantage of being able to apply one’s trade almost anywhere, hence the name. During the nineties, he took advantage of this facility and worked in the UK and Russia. While working in Alberta in 2003 he met his second wife Zena, and moved to Edmonton.

Zena recognised that Peter needed an outlet for his dissatisfaction with the direction in which society was headed and enrolled him in the Alberta Green Party. He found he had a talent for speaking and consequently, was put in the position of Deputy Leader of the Alberta Greens, a position he held for 4 years. So far, he has run in two Provincial Elections in Glenora, Edmonton.

Peter also became involved with the Green Party of Canada and has run in two Federal Elections in Edmonton. In the most recent election, he garnered over 4000 votes for 8.3% of the vote. Peter and Zena have become good friends with Elizabeth May, the leader of the Federal Greens. Peter is currently the Alberta Representative on the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada.

Peter Johnston is the nominated candidate for the Green Party of Canada in the riding of Edmonton – St. Albert.