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Published: February 16, 2012 10:00 AM
Updated: February 16, 2012 10:53 AM


Re: (‘Cavers wants total city pesticide ban,’ Feb. 14):

I am concerned with the campaign by city councillor Donvan Cavers to ban the use of what are called cosmetic pesticides.

The anti-pesticide crusaders are saying that, as a homeowner, I don’t read labels, nor am I able to follow directions on those labels.

They are saying I am stupid.

Well, I do read labels and I am able to follow directions.

The pesticides/herbicides available at Walmart or Canadian Tire are very diluted products specifically made for the homeowner.

If you go to the Health Canada website and read how these products are registered, you will see that safety factors are built in, from 100 times to as high as 1,000 times above the safe dose shown.

These products are safe to use.

Homeowners I have spoken to are not so worried about a few dandelions in their yard.

They are concerned about clover and black medic (to name a couple) that will take over your lawn if not controlled.

Believe me, you cannot just pull these weeds out as you can a dandelion.

There are also turf diseases and insects we need to be able to control.

I do not have the perfect lawn, nor do I strive for that.

My lawn has some weeds and is not level, nor is it the greenest lawn in town, but I do take pride in trying to keep my lawn and property neat and tidy. I do not want my grass overrun with weeds.

I am confident the small amount of herbicide applied to my lawn to keep it healthy is applied safely and my lawn is a safe place for me, my grandchildren and my pets to enjoy.

All I am asking is that people do their homework, check the Health Canada website and listen to the scientists who specialize in pesticide toxicology and research.

I have.

The decisions made about the use of pesticides should not be based on junk science provided by uninformed individuals and groups with no scientific expertise on the subject.

The City of Kamloops already has a bylaw regulating the use of pesticides.

We do not need further restrictions on pesticides.

Mary Morrison


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