Edmonton Pesticide Ban – VICTORY Against TERRORISTS – 2012 02 06



Edmonton STOPS Terrorists !

NO Public Support For PROHIBITION.

Will Terrorism End in Edmonton ?

Will Gideon Forman Return
To TERRORIZE the City ?


Anti-Pesticide Lunatic Terrorists Want to DESTROY the Professional Lawn Care Industry.


Lunatic-Anti-Pesticide-Terrorists Seeking the Destruction of the Professional Lawn Care Industry Have Been STOPPED.


Anti-Pesticide Terrorism in the City of Edmonton Has Ended For Two Years, But Terrorism Will Never End !


Councillors turned down calls to BAN COSMETIC PESTICIDES, opting instead for A REPORT IN TWO YEARS outlining any progress in reducing city use of the chemicals.

A MERE DOZEN ANTI-PESTICIDE LUNATICS warned of IMAGINARY DANGERS to health, animals and the environment including Master-Basterd Lunatic-Leader Gideon Forman.

Forman and his Lunatic-Legion continue to LIE AND LIE AND LIE.


Thank you, Edmonton.


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STRIKING BACK Against Terrorism



Province of ALBERTA  –  Conspiracy to Prohibit Pest Control Products in the Urban Landscape