Illegal Use of Neem Oil : Carol Dunk President of Ontario Horticultural Association welcomed pesticide ban

President of Ontario Horticultural Association CAROL DUNK, fibbing.

Ontario Shoppers Escape Pesticide Ban In US

Sun Aug 21 17:16:37 EDT 2011

Ontario Horticultural Association President Carol Dunk, who has been gardening pesticide-free for eight years, said there may be a few bad apples who continue to feed their chemical habits but most gardeners welcome the ban.

“They’re quite willing to change their way of gardening so that they can accommodate the ban,” the Barrie resident said. “They’re pretty nice people so they realize the harm that pesticides were doing to our environment and so they’re quite willing to go the extra mile and do a little more weeding and a little picking of insects.”

People with large lawns or non-native species may find it a bit more of a struggle to maintain their properties, she said.

Dunk said there are many environmentally-friendly options and products, but notes there’s little to prevent someone from getting their hands on Round Up or a similar product in an Ontario store without crossing the border or making an on-line purchase.

“There is no restriction. You just have to tell a little fib and say you have poison ivy and you could get it,” Dunk said. “You have to rely on your neighbours (not) telling on you.”

What does Carol Dunk and her fellow Horticulturalists use for Disease Prevention??