Winter Maintenance of Ornamental Plants – 2012 02 04

Audio Recording Compilation
by Art C. Drysdale
Celebrity Expert Horticulturist


Winter  ―  Evergreens and Snow


Winter  ―  Feeding Winter Birds


Winter  ―  Home Humidity


Winter  ―  Pruning Trees  ―  Part 1  ―  Apple, Pear, & Grapevine


Winter  ―  Pruning Trees  ―  Part 2  ―  OMAF  ―  Maple & Birch Bleeding


Winter  ―  Winter Composting


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The Wisdom of Art C. Drysdale



Art C. Drysdale


Media highlights and accomplishments

Mr. Drysdale is one of Canada’s best-known horticulturists. 

Mr. Drysdale is best known for his syndicated radio show and commercials for the Garden Claw.

For the past four decades, he has been writing, and presenting radio and television broadcasts, with PRACTICAL GARDENING HINTS on stations such as CFRB, AM740 and CFCA. 

His radio GARDENING VIGNETTES are heard throughout South-Western Ontario over two radio stations  ―

●   Easy 101 FM out of Tillsonburg at 2:00 PM weekdays

●   CD98.9 FM out of Norfolk County at 11:40 AM weekdays

Mr. Drysdale also presented all of Canada’s Weather Network GARDENING VIGNETTES, hourly from April to October annually for a decade.

He was the spokesman for the Garden Claw across the country. 

As a speaker, Mr. Drysdale has addressed amateur and professional groups all across Canada, as well as in the United States, England, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, and aboard cruise ships.


Fields of study and alma mater

1958 – 1961   ―   Mr. Drysdale attended The Niagara Parks Commission School of Gardening ( now NPC Botanical Garden and School of Horticulture ), where he won all five awards presented at the graduation.  He initiated and edited the school’s first yearbook.

1957   ―   He graduated from East York Collegiate with the Ontario Secondary School Honour Graduation Diploma. 

1955 – 1969   ―   He was active and held several executive positions in the East York Garden Club. 


Notable work at Shur-Gain

March 1961 – August 1962   ―   After graduation, Mr. Drysdale worked with the Shur-Gain Division of Canada Packers where he  …

●   consulted with consumers and the turf industry

●   developed new consumer fertilizer products ( Feed ‘n Weedaway )

●   wrote various consumer literature


Notable work with Sheridan Nurseries

1962 – 1969   ―   Mr. Drysdale was then employed with Sheridan Nurseries Limited.

Drysdale was Chief Horticulturist and Advertising Manager, with full responsibility for Sheridan catalogues and botanical nomenclature. 


Notable work with Parks/Recreation Association

1964   ―   Mr. Drysdale was appointed part-time Executive Director and Editor with the Canadian Parks/Recreation Association ( CP/RA ), with the office in his home.

1969 – 70   ―   He was employed full-time as Executive Director of Canadian Parks/Recreation Association, and Editor of Recreation Canada magazine. 

Early 1971   ―   He set up Canadian Parks/Recreation Association’s first permanent office in Ottawa. 


Notable work with Garden Writers Association

1973   ―   Mr. Drysdale was appointed Regional Director ( Canada ) of the Garden Writers Association of America

( GWAA ).

1979 – 1981   ―   He served as President of the Garden Writers Association of America, and was the first-ever Canadian to hold the office, representing over 1,000 members, mostly in the U.S.A. 


Notable work with publications

December 1963 – March 1969   ―   Mr. Drysdale wrote a feature column for a new magazine, CANADIAN NURSERYMAN.  He was also a member of the founding committee. 

1971 – 1978   ―   He free-lanced as a horticultural writer, and published/edited RECREATION CANADA magazine. 


Notable work with books

March 1975   ―   Dent Canada published Mr. Drysdale’s book GARDENING OFF THE GROUND that he wrote on the invitation of the publisher.  It was the first Canadian book for balcony gardeners. 

July 1996   ―   He self-published his book GARDENING OFF THE GROUND in a completely revised and enlarged version, including his own colour photos.

GARDENING OFF THE GROUND is Canada’s most successful and most practical book on container gardening.

For more information about GARDENING OFF THE GROUND  ―


Mr. Drysdale today

A life-long resident of Toronto, Mr. Drysdale is now a resident of Parksville, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, just north of Nanaimo. 

He has renovated an old home and has a new garden there.


Drysdale’s Wisdom

In his daily radio GARDENING VIGNETTES, and his weekly I-CAN-GARDEN BLOG, Mr. Drysdale has effectively and consistently spoken out against activists and anti-pesticide prohibitions.