Glyphosate – Josette Weir – Diane Saxe – West Coast Environmental Law – 2012 01 20

Lunatic Roundup Against Glyphosate

On November 21st, 2011, the judgement from the Federal Court of Canada led to DISCREDITING and ABANDONING ALLEGATIONS concerning the safety of the active ingredient GLYPHOSATE for LACK OF CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

West Coast Environmental Law ( WCEL ) filed a NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS PETITION on behalf of Josette Weir, an Anti-Pesticide Activist who has NO expertise, training, or education in matters concerning pest control products.

Wier made EXAGGERATED CLAIMS concerning « significant new evidence » that were QUICKLY DISCREDITED and ABANDONED by the Federal Court of Canada.

Even Weir’s lawyer conceded that her evidence DID NOT demonstrate a « risk » to health or animals.

Furthermore, Weir is NOT a credible expert on the subject of glyphosate, or for that matter, ANY pest control product.

Rather than waste money from government grants and tax-payers, Weir and WCEL should have simply waited until 2014, when a RE-EVALUATION of glyphosate by Health Canada, in cooperation with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is targeted for completion.

Weir’s ACTS OF SUBVERSION against glyphosate have been FINANCIALLY and LEGALLY SUPPORTED by three Anti-Pesticide Organizations.

Despite what Anti-Pesticide Activists are reporting about this issue, there is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF that glyphosate is a problem for health and the environment.

However, in response to ONE PART ONLY of Weir’s petition, the Federal Court of Canada ordered Health Canada to STUDY the risks to amphibians.

These so-called risks to amphibians were based on a 2008 literature review by British Columbia Ministry of the Environment that consisted of another INFAMOUS SIMPLE CHERRY PICKING of the most recklessly negative report regarding glyphosate.

A government RE-EVALUATION of glyphosate is already in the works, all evidence is being reviewed, and the Canadian Minister of Health has said that there is NO NEED for special review of glyphosate.

Pest control products, like glyphosate, are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE and ACCEPTABLE FOR CONTINUED USE because  …

●   Pest control products are APPROVED for use by the Federal Government.

●   Government-Approved pest control products MEET STRICT HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS.

●   Pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE and CAUSE NO HARM.

●   Government -Approved pest control products provide a reasonable certainty that NO HARM will occur from their use.

●   Overall, when they are used properly, there are NO harmful irreversible effects to health and the environment.

●   It is a MYTH to believe that ANY PROHIBITION of these products will protect health and the environment.


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