Pesticide Use Can Be Safe & Effective – Lorne Hepworth – 2011 01 23


Ignorance is the curse of God

[ Anti–Pesticide Activists have provided ] mis–information about the safety of pest control products that are used to help farmers grow their crops and to protect valuable green spaces from insect, weed, and disease infestations.

What readers should know is that before any pest control product can be used in Canada, it must first be approved by Health Canada.

This process involves a comprehensive set of over TWO–HUNDRED TESTS and a review of all scientifically credible studies that exist to ensure that the product will NOT CAUSE HARM TO PEOPLE, ANIMALS OR THE ENVIRONMENT.

Through this process, pest control products receive a greater breadth of scrutiny than any other regulated product.

Only those products that meet Health Canada’s STRICT HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS are registered for sale and use.

According to Health Canada, if pest control products are used according to label directions, there is NO unacceptable risk.

The fact of the matter is that a ban on the use of pest control products would PREVENT residents from using safe and effective tools, APPROVED by Health Canada.

Pest control products help ensure that Canadians have a safe and affordable supply of food, thereby contributing to HEALTHIER COMMUNITIES, and GREATER WELL–BEING and PROSPERITY.

Pest control products CAN BE SAFELY USED, and residents should be able to use them if they choose to do so.


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