Degradation of Fungicides – Snow Molds on Turf – 2012 01 18



Measuring the degradation of Snow Mold fungicides chlorothalonil and iprodione in response to snow cover and temperature.

Unseasonably warm winter prompts many inquiries about the PERSISTENCE OF FUNGICIDES applied for Snow Mold suppression.

As long as soil temperatures remain below 0°C ( 32°F ), fungicide concentration DOES NOT SEEM TO DEGRADE regardless of snow cover.

Fungicides like chlorothalonil and iprodione are DEGRADED BY MICROBES, or through HYDROLYSIS, but we do not know which process is more important.

If mowing has not occurred in MID-WINTER, RE-APPLY a fungicide if it makes you sleep better.

Our experience with granular fungicides is they work better when watered in.

Snow cover did NOT seem to affect chlorothalonil concentrations.

The problem with WINTER RE-APPLICATIONS is you will need access to water no matter what formulation of fungicide you choose.

With WINTER RE-APPLICATION, the weight of the sprayer would do more harm than good.

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