Golf Industry COLLISION COURSE – Ontario Public Meeting Requirements for Golf Facilities – 2012 01 06



If you own or manage a Golf Facility in the Province of Ontario, it is on a COLLISION COURSE with the Anti-Pesticide Anti-Golf Grim Reapers.

Enviro-Lunatics want to DESTROY your facilities, your assets, your livelihood, your career, your lifestyle, your home life, your pension  …  in fact, your ENTIRE LIFE.

Just like they did AGAINST the Professional Lawn Care Industry.

And they have the SUPPORT of the Government of Ontario.

On January 6th, 2011, the Government of Ontario issued its 2012 Public Meeting Requirements For Golf Facilities, with Questions and Answers.

By FORCING Golf Facilities to HOLD ANNUAL PUBLIC MEETINGS, Anti-Pesticide Lunatics are provided with the opportunity to COERCE, INTIMIDATE, and TERRORIZE the owners, superintendent, and employees.

EVERY person attending this meeting must considered as an ENEMY of the Golf Facility and the Golf Industry  …  this is NOT a social event.

The LUNATICS who will attend your meeting are likely the same ones the DESTROYED the Professional Lawn Care Industry.

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